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Started by 3DSFX, May 09, 2010, 02:35:24 pm

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Can someoen tell me what I'm doing wrong here to try and texture map rocks with a .jpg image of a rock surface?  Here is the situation:
The ground is sand.  I have rocks made with the fake rock shader sitting on top of it.  I want the texture map jpg to map onto the rocks but not the sand.  Trying to figure it out logically I created a child surface layer under the rock shader.  Connected under the surface layer I created another child layer Image Map Shader.  It seems to do nothing at all to the rocks.  I've tried repositioning it, scaling it but it still seems to have no effect so I'm figuring I somehow built it wrong. :-[
I've attached a shot of how I built it + a shot of the nodes.



In general I would put the fake stone shader after the base layer as the base layer will always override all colour info above it. (there are exceptions!)
One solution will be to add a surface layer below your base layer, untick the "Use colour" and add your stone shaders to the child input.
Should work:)

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Ugg I still don't seem to be getting it right!


Kevin F

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here's a quick and dirty answer, but in general using and image map over rocks has too many problems, because the image pattern repeats over the whole scene due to the projection method. It depends on how you are projecting the map and the scales involved, but try this out. just exchange the image map I've used for one of your own.


Put some one color power fractals between stones and child input... for overall variation.


Ok.  Thank you I'll try it.
I never really did get it to look right.   :(