Warning: The candy that will get you in detention !

Started by piggy, May 11, 2010, 04:07:02 am

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This is too harsh really !

And by the way   " Sorry for 3 posts in a roll. "   what should i do then? Seclude myself ?  ;D


Yeh I saw this, its ridiculous.  Whats even more odd is that the kid who provided the candy wasn't punished? What the drug -- i mean, candy -- pushers don't get punished? ;)

Proper thing the school should've done (if they really wanted to do anything at all) would be to give a warning to the two kids, and tell them not to do it again.  Maybe send home a note to the parents reminding them of school policy. 

Afterall who the hell knows school food policies like that?  Especially if they arn't even clearly stated what the specifics are just that schools can be more strict if they want.  Seems like an abuse of power to me.  The SCHOOL can't provide the candy, but there is that grey area these kids discovered that personally I think should be the same as if it was candy brought from home.

All thats going to happen is:
a) girl will now distrust/dislike her school system... congrats, you guys have enough issues with that.
b) kids taught sharing is not caring, sharing puts your friend in trouble - so give candy to your enemies.

Zairyn Arsyn

my middle school has some strict polices on foods, No meat, no food or drink sugar in them (hi fructose corn syrup).


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It's Texas. She should thank her WASP face, skin and hair color; had she been a latino or "worse", they might have strung her up...


Quote from: latego on May 11, 2010, 01:47:47 pm
It's Texas. She should thank her WASP face, skin and hair color; had she been a latino or "worse", they might have strung her up...

Maybe 30 or 50 years ago.  Nowadays her fair complexion is probably the reason why they followed the letter of the law to prove they weren't being partial.  Those ankers are a couple of my local news guys.  I see them all the time when I care to watch the news on broadcast.  Everyone is pretty much bending over backwards to keep from being accused of "racial profiling".  But you have to keep in mind that, in Texas, the "I" in "ISD" means that the school districts have a lot more independence from the local governments than they have in most states.  Here it is common to have a school in Pasadena that is in the "Deer Park Independent School District".  Go figure.  There are a kazillion taxing authorities around here.  We pay water taxes to Clear Lake Water Authority but we get our water and sewage services from the City of Pasadena.  It is a real mess.  I have nightmares that, one day, a taxing authority that I never heard of will find that I haven't been paying them taxes since the beginning of time and I will owe them all the back-taxes plus interest or they will have to put me in prison and throw away the key.  "Failure to be billed..." (as one taxing authority put it) "...is no excuse for delinquency". 


so mutch for the land of the free,score another one for the lawers/insurance companys


ISD stands for Independent School District? I thought it stood for Imperial Star Destroyer! ;D
BTW, that was WAY too harsh. I bet if next time, she brings a little fun snap (those things you throw on the ground and they pop; they're made of paper wrapped around just a bit of gunpowder) to school, they'll expel her for "bringing a a bomb and conspiring to demolish the school and everyone inside it" or something. Bull&#$!.
They just issued a tornado warning and said to stay away from windows. Does that mean I can't use my computer?