Procedural Textures

Started by Mohawk20, March 07, 2007, 10:01:14 am

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Will the default shader eventually be just as good as any other 3D program's shader? Like the 3DMax, C4D and Maya shaders?

Or do we still need to add other nodes for augmentation of a feature like the Lambert Shader, the Reflectivity Shader or eventually the Transparency shader?


In general Terragen 2 is designed around somewhat modular component nodes. To achieve reflectivity you would generally add a reflection node, for example. There are some larger specialized shaders like the Power Fractal that provide a number of different functions with built-in generators, but most nodes operate on the output of other nodes.

The default shader is more of a "conduit" and aggregator for basic settings and inputs for other shaders to create more advanced effects. It is likely to continue to be a basic node that facilitates the merging of multiple external nodes for sophisticated surfacing. For example it does not include a built-in displacement noise function source, but you can input an image or noise function and control the displacement partially through its settings. For color, opacity, etc. it provides basic color, but again external inputs must be used for anything more sophisticated than that.

Ultimately TG2 is designed first and foremost for flexibility and power. Macros and specialized shaders will be included with the final release which will make certain kinds of specific common operations faster and easier, but these changes will not necessarily encompass existing nodes like the Default Shader.

- Oshyan


Yeah, I forgot we're working with the basic building blocks here.

The other programs probably work the same way, only difference is that you con't see the nodes there.

Volker Harun

The only reason for me - that I do not use the default shader very often - is the missing child-input. Else it is very conveniant.