Terragen 2 and Modo

Started by aircraftprofiles, May 20, 2010, 02:17:58 pm

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Is it possible to make environments for Modo in Terragen ? Would be very cool if that was possible !

If it is possible, how do you go about it ?



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You can export as LWO objects. I don't use Modo but i think it can import LWO objects directly .
Search for LWO and-or export . You will find many topics. If you have trouble ask again :)


Modo will surely be able to import OBJs so you can use PoseRay for the conversion.



If it is a 360 image you are after... It is not possible to directly and in one click of the mouse, export a HDRI 360 image for use in a 3d modeler. There are somewhat elaborate ways of accomplishing this. They are mentioned in this forum... please look into it. Among others, it involves rendering separate tiles for a skybox that needs to be melted together in an external image editing program like Photoshop... Mind you that using Global Illumination will give you rendering artifacts and therefore problems in making the tiles seamless... As a lot of users here, I also am eagerly awaiting the "360 render button" in Terragen... It would make rendering life soooo much comfortable.

If it's the 3d wireframe you are looking for... there are different ways of getting vertex data into your 3d modeler... It depends on what resolution you are after. As Terragen eats as many GIGs of ram as you can trow at it, it totally depends on your requirements and of course your hardware configuration. Basically it involves in setting up a portion of the terrain you want to export... look for the "Heightfield Export LWO" node in the documentation...

Hope you got some starting pointers here ;)

cheers from a Modo user !


Use the LWO export.  It works fine to open this in Modo.
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