Why Apple Passed Microsoft in Market Capitalization

Started by Kadri, May 28, 2010, 12:53:12 am

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Quote from: Oshyan on May 30, 2010, 03:58:30 am
So yeah Frank, it does *what it does* just fine, but does its cost justify what it does do? That's the real question here.

- Oshyan

that's true.


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Quote from: Kadri on May 28, 2010, 01:52:05 pm

Hmmm... ?  Then there should be someone who says Linux is the best or something in this line ,
as in most PC or Mac OS threads . Who would be that guy?  Efflux ? ;D

You guys are crazy :)

Actually, this is by far the best OS:


This is what we would be using if it was not for Microsoft. That is simple fact. BeOS, which this is based on, was lightyears ahead of both Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft even admitted that they illegally forced BeOS out of business because BeOS was so good that it would have killed Windows. Obviously Haiku is in early days. The next best thing is Linux. More people using that.

The argument of PC versus Mac is all wrong. It should be Windows versus OSX. OSX is better. No question about that but Apple have lost the plot in their hardware pricing. Especially recently.

I have a Macbook Pro which I got second hand. I got this because Apple Laptops are better than PCs. Not fantastic but just better. I'm using this for some audio production and general daily use. It's very quiet which was important. I'm not touching Windows with a barge pole for music. My main system for music is in fact now Linux. I have a dedicated stripped down machine that boots straight into the app I'm using. Hardly any desktop bloat. Not even any taskbar etc. Lightening fast. You can't do this on Windows or Mac. They are completely bloated.

However, due to TG2 I may have to use Windows. I want to buy a new system just for TG2 and sadly it may have to be Windows. TG2 on Linux Wine is too problematic and looking at Apple's pricing it just seems out of the question.

As for the iPad, I think that's a joke. I have an an old HP TC1100 slate PC here which I much prefer to any iPad. It has a Wacom screen meaning I can draw on it.


Guys these operating systems are unbearable. I've been using Linux for the last six months and I'm back on OSX. Unbearable.

Finder - what a disaster. Thumbnail views a total mess. Resizing of windows totally illogical. You have to select all images to be able move through them in preview. Cover flow - pointless eye candy. Then you have some way of enlarging the cover flow to then be able to move through the images but not just images so it shows you an image of any file icon if it can't preview anything. Go fullscreen but then you can't move through the images. Total mess.

Sorry but Linux is WAY ahead. I don't even use Gnome or KDE anymore. LXDE and OpenBox completely blows away these disasters for desktops on OSX and Windows.


On Linux running LXDE desktop environment and Openbox windows manager you can have an empty desktop which you right click to get this menu which can be configured to have anything you want on it. You can use PCman as your file manager which is absolutely simple but still superior to the Windows browser or OSX Finder. This all runs at tens of times the efficiency of windows and OSX.


These desktops on Windows and OSX are complete disasters.



Sadly, TG2 is not good on Linux. Icons are missing which is not a problem but the little colour squares are empty which is a problem. Rendering is slow as well. Rendering differences became more obvious when TG2 went multi core.

However, Mojoworld works brilliantly on Linux. 100% perfect. I have built a dedicated system for that. Mojo has not crashed once. Since Mojo has tile rendering you can use that to do final renderings on multi core machines. On a single core new of a new Intel multi core machine Mojo renders several times faster than an older single core machine. This is adequate for working in the app. Then you can later fire off the tiles on each core.

I don't want to start another Mojoworld vs TG2 discussion but after must be almost 7 years of no development Mojoworld is still absolutely unsurpassed in many areas, specifically it's fractals which are hundreds of times more powerful than anything else out there. This is TG2's HUGE weakness.


Just to play further devil's advocate.

Here is a shot of my current system for Mojoworld. Linux has workspaces (now copied by Apple). Here I have two. You will notice none of that standard nonsense with taskbars full of clocks, system monitors etc. There is nothing except two menus. You see one menu open in the middle of the Mojo windows which opens apps, configures windows manager etc. This menu opens with right click on desktop. The other menu beneath the Lightzone window is opened with middle mouse click on desktop and allows you to go to any open window on any workspace or add new workspaces. Scrolling with mouse wheel on desktop scrolls through workspaces. You can have a one pixel space around any open window that is maximized so when you mouse to the edge you can get those menus. The windows manager UI itself can be closed so you don't even see any title bars. In this scenario mousing to the top of a window gets you the windows managers menu for minimizing, moving to other workspace etc. You can configure these menus any which way you want. There are no graphical log ins on this system either or any other nonsense whatsoever. You can boot straight into a one user kernel with no multi user graphical display managers. Mojo starts by pressing the computers on button.

Once you work like this, these other desktops (Windows + OSX) are a bloated nightmare. I do not want to see anything except my apps and I don't want to have a bunch of bloat running in the background.

Also, Linux has never ever crashed in 5 years of me using it.

The artwork seen here is a current Mojo planet I am working on. I won't start on various things you see in Mojo here (e.g. camera stuff) that do not exist in TG2. That would take to long. Sadly you do not see a TG2 screen shot here because there are problems. It works but not perfectly like Mojo does.

This system will eventually be replicated on a quad core.