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Terragen Discussion
Open discussion about all versions of Terragen including Terragen 2-4 and Terragen Classic. Ask any questions you have about Terragen, or share your own tips, tricks, and techniques with others.

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File Sharing
Share your Terragen files with other members - project files, example scenes, models and other resources.

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User-contributed Tutorials
Terragen 2 Tutorials written by other users. Please note: all new tutorial contributions should be added to our user-editable wiki. This forum section is only for older tutorials and related discussion.

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Image Sharing
Share your Terragen images and galleries and view and critique the work of others.

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Terragen Animation
Discuss and share your Terragen animations, questions, techniques, tips, and tricks. Animations in both Terragen 2 and Terragen Classic are welcome.

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Open Discussion
Talk about whatever your heart desires. If it's not Terragen-related, then it goes in here. Make this your home away from home!

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Terragen Support
Post and discuss issues and support requests for all versions of Terragen including Terragen 3, Terragen 2, and Terragen Classic.

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Function Nodes In Practice

A place to learn about the practical applications of Terragen's "Function Nodes", also known as "Blue Nodes". Find existing examples of function node uses, add your own, or post a question or request about function nodes.
Function Node General Discussion
Here you can ask more general function node questions and discuss function nodes outside the context of any specific node or category. Try to keep discussion of more specific nodes to the respective category below.

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Function Nodes by Category - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Learn about and discuss Function Nodes, organized by category. These function node categories correspond directly to the categories in Terragen's 'add node' interfaces.,27147.0.html" class="bbc_link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Please review the guidelines for participation by clicking here.

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