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Image Sharing / Re: The realm of King Croc
Last post by Tangled-Universe - Today at 04:38:10 am
Hannes, you always surprise me with your work. It can be anything from Star Wars to realistic sci-fi (spacestation stuff) to postcard style to fantasy like this :)

I have some strange feedback perhaps...because there's something I really like about the foliage in the right background. The way it's rendered or the light interacts with it, it looks really good to me!

If you don't mind I have feedback on 3 aspects:
1) The "skirt" of King Croc looks too saturated to me if I consider general scene saturation. For instance the right foreground models have quite saturated greens, but the skirt has an almost fluorescent brightness which is a bit distracting to me.
2) The new pose is indeed more dramatic and works well! If I consider the grip of the hand on the body then I can imagine that her upper right half gets some support from the thumb, but her left side is not supported at all. Thus with a grip like this I would expect her to hang backwards to her left, almost draping over his index finger.
3) Lastly and this is perhaps because of rendertimes and such...I think the skin of King Croc would look great when using subsurface scattering in the path tracer.
I say this because I remember you rendered some hairy creature with orange/brown skin and it looked really good. Given your experience with portraits and subsurface scattering after that render I think you can squeeze out more from this scene/model.

Image Sharing / Re: castellum
Last post by Tangled-Universe - Today at 04:27:53 am
Great stuff Ulco, it really stimulates my imagination about how it must have been to live there/in those times. Well done!
Terragen Support / Re: Export Gathered Project na...
Last post by Matt - Today at 04:20:59 am
Quote from: DutchDimension on February 20, 2020, 10:56:13 pmcould we please get a better naming convention for the 'Export Gathered Project' function? Right now it adds the ' (gathered)' suffix, but using blank spaces and parenthesis seems to be causing difficulties on our Linux based render farm dispatcher.

I can change this. I'm thinking something like '_gathered'.

QuoteThen is also the slash incompatibility between Windows horrible insistence on the use of backslashes and the forward slashes of Linux and macOS. Sending Windows scene files over to a Linux based render farm requires manual swapping out of file paths. Could this be handled automatically somehow?

Gathered assets are referenced in the TGD file using something like "Project_Assets/texture.tif", so they should work on Linux and Mac. Non-gathered asset references aren't modified at the moment, but I could do that. I was planning to add some automatic conversion of paths to forward slashes in other places that I know of where the backslashes are added, and I'll increase the priority on that. Are you finding this problem with references to gathered assets as well, or just non-gathered assets? Can you give an example so I don't miss something?

QuoteLastly, when can we expect GI cache file sequences to be handled correctly? Right now it's not very smart and only gathers the single cache file you've pointed towards in the 'Read GI cache file(s)' field of the 'Render GI settings' node. So every time I have to remember to manually copy over the other GI cache files to the 'Project_Assets' folder.

I will take another look at this soon.

Terragen Support / Re: File browser dementia
Last post by Matt - Today at 04:04:36 am
Are you on Windows or Mac?

On Windows, the old pre-Vista folder browser is pretty bad. I'm replacing it with a more modern folder browser right now. This will be included in v4.5 for Windows.

In the mean time, there are some tricks to make this easier to work with. Did you know that you can type - or paste - a folder path into the Gather Project window? You might not need to use Choose Folder at all.

In some cases you can even type in a folder that doesn't exist yet, and it will automatically create it when you start the gather process. This only works if it only needs to create one folder; it won't work if it has to create folders two levels deep or more.

If you keep a Windows Explorer window open in the root folder where all your gathered subfolders are, you can copy and paste this in every time and just type the name of the new subfolder, then go straight to the Gather Project and Assets button.
Image Sharing / Re: The realm of King Croc
Last post by DocCharly65 - Today at 03:21:46 am
Great, Hannes!
You have perfected it! :)
Image Sharing / Re: The Crossing (or Nuweiba r...
Last post by Hannes - Today at 03:21:25 am
So, they flew Moses in by plane? Have to read a bible again. I may have missed something... ;D ;D ;D
Cool stuff, Ulco. Waiting to see more.
Image Sharing / Re: castellum
Last post by DocCharly65 - Today at 03:20:06 am
Quote from: Hannes on Today at 02:17:01 amSuperb, and full of details. I love those images, where you can dive in and explore all the things for some time.
I agree in every single point! :) Great!
Image Sharing / Re: The Crossing (or Nuweiba r...
Last post by DocCharly65 - Today at 03:18:21 am
Looks promising so far. I'm curious where this goes.
Image Sharing / Re: Excavating the Deep Cut
Last post by DocCharly65 - Today at 03:17:05 am
Very good progress! I like the side walls and their details very much!
Image Sharing / Re: Medieval Dutch village
Last post by DocCharly65 - Today at 03:14:29 am
Very nice new version!
... no more comment about the brightness of the rain showers from me ;D
I like that addition :)
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