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Image Sharing / Re: Underwater again
Last post by gasbutan - Today at 04:16:57 pm
Quote from: Oshyan on December 07, 2019, 06:13:33 pmMm, yes I forgot exactly how this setup was working. So if you're looking at the whole scene through a very thin cloud layer you'll need higher quality for that layer and/or higher voxel scatter quality. But note that voxel scatter quality "mostly" affects noise levels in areas of, er, scattered light, so it *may* not be what's needed here. I'd increase cloud Ray Marching Quality to 2, and try Voxel Scatter at 400. It's definitely not a crazy value, in fact we raised the default to 100 a little while ago, and I'm tempted to raise it again...

- Oshyan
Thank you, Oshyan.
I tried with voxel scatter 500 and ray marching quality 2 .... much better now !
You can also use the scene I used to generate a cosine curve in the explained series. Attached below.


Right click on the internal network of the Cosine Generator node and you can use that as a test bed to try out some translations.
Image Sharing / Re: Icy Mountain
Last post by mhaze - Today at 01:38:10 pm
Quote from: Oshyan on December 06, 2019, 03:37:47 pmI wonder if the Desmos graphing calculator (or another such free resource) would be a good addition to a general instruction/tools thread on function nodes somewhere in this forum area.

- Oshyan

That's a great idea, with a little documentation on how to convert some basic formulas into TG to get people start similar to what N-drju was mentioning.
Open Discussion / Re: Confused about Turbo Squid...
Last post by WAS - Today at 01:23:16 pm
Quote from: cyphyr on Today at 08:42:28 amImagine if it was a font.
You could create a poster that uses the font and sell that.
But you could not alter the font in some way and sell that.

I mean, it depends on the license specifics. For example SIL requires any derivative in another format to be renamed to something else, constituting a whole new font, but based on another. That's why there are so many specialized licenses with fonts, because there is only so much variation to typefaces that are even possible without actually mapping someones unique handwriting (like many fonts based on script, from manuscripts). A lot of fonts are just resells with minor alterations, or extended monospace and special characters.

But you're correct in the case of TurboSquid.
Image Sharing / Re: Icy Mountain
Last post by WAS - Today at 01:11:00 pm
That lighting is really cool! And the mountain is certainly well detailed.
Terragen Discussion / Re: Texture on a plant stretch...
Last post by WAS - Today at 01:06:02 pm
I would still love to see a straight facing shot of the original scenario .
Image Sharing / Re: Icy Mountain
Last post by cyphyr - Today at 11:59:51 am
Great work!
very ...
"Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east."
Image Sharing / Re: Icy Mountain
Last post by CredePendrel - Today at 11:20:20 am
Wow! What a mountain! Awesome job.
Image Sharing / Re: Icy Mountain
Last post by luvsmuzik - Today at 10:31:57 am
Beautiful! this is one I think the filter starburst would enhance the little blue circles in the icy patches and I for one wish this could be added after render like in paint programs or Blender effects. You are posting some terrific renders! Thanks!
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