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Title: Repeated Crash
Post by: duff on June 21, 2007, 02:18:44 PM

I have attached a tgd that seems to crash whenever run. It used to render fine and it would appear that something I have changed caused this, but as far as I can tell it was only some object x,y,z values and the render resolution and detail levels. I have tried as best as possible to restore these but to no avail . It doesn't seem to run out of memory in task manager and I just get the standard windows error box saying TGD.exe has encountered an error with the send to microsoft option. This seems to appear a few seconds after the object instances have finished being created. An old version that also used to render is also failing now with the same issue  :o

The only other thing I have changed is some tidying up of the objects I had so that they are in one folder, but obviously I have reset the file path through the GUI. Can't remeber if I first encountered this error before or after the tidy up though.


Note rar includes the .tgd and object in the relative directories so if both are unzipped from it they should load ok.
Title: Re: Repeated Crash
Post by: Oshyan on July 20, 2007, 01:15:48 AM
Seems like this post got overlooked. Sorry about that!

It looks like this a memory issue to me. Upon attempting to insert the flower object population the memory use skyrockets. Disabling that population makes it render fine. I also note your minimum sizes are larger than your maximum sizes for both your populations - just a bit odd but I don't think it's responsible for the crash. Reducing density on the flower object seems to allow it to render. It seems like a small object and not that many instances, so there may be something particular about the object itself that is high in memory use. I'll pass it on to development to see if there's anything they can glean from it in any case.

- Oshyan