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Title: grid mile road
Post by: bobbystahr on January 17, 2015, 09:47:01 PM
Well I decided to get something close to real world scale for my fly overs and this is what I got.
There are 2 maps in the .rar file, one for use masking the road positive and nevative, and the other as a population mask. In my render the truck is 33 feet long and the wheat I got I think from and is scaled .2,.2,.2, the impala is also real world scale.
to get the roads to be 1 mile apart to need to scale the maps to  10700 x 12224. Then you get 2 lane NorthSouth roads and I think 4 lane EastWest roads as well.
I also used the default terrain and restricted all the action to Simple Shape Shader 01 with a base of the camoflage preset.

added a top down view. The little white markis the semi trailer