Terragen 4.5 Release Candidates

Started by Matt, December 22, 2020, 05:52:51 PM

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Hello everybody,

Release Candidate builds are now online for Terragen 4.5. They are available to licensed users of Professional and Creative editions with a current subscription or maintenance. These builds are under the 4.5.x maintenance umbrella, so if you have a perpetual license but your maintenance expired on or after after July 1, 2020, they are still included with your license.

To download the new version or check your maintenance status, just use "Check for Updates" in the Help menu in Terragen.

specmodels_v2_dielectric_lighting1.jpg specmodels_v2_conductor_lighting1.jpg specmodels_v2_conductor_backlit.jpg


Terragen 4.5 is not compatible with third party plugins that were built for Terragen 4.4 and earlier. Contact plugin developers to download updates that are compatible with Terragen 4.5.

On Windows: Terragen is now built with Visual Studio 2019, and the installer has changed. Let us know if you run into any problems.

RTP improvements.

Default Shader has been improved with PBR materials in mind:
- Metalness controls.
- Gamma conversion can be enabled or disabled on the roughness, displacement and metalness images.
- GGX and other improvements to specular roughness models.

OpenColorIO (OCIO) integration.

Any changes to the Render node's tonemap and gamma settings cause an update to the Render View immediately.

Planet Atmosphere improvements: Rayleigh scattering phase function; better GI cache.

Cloud GI for Easy Cloud and Cloud Layer V3 can be cached in GI cache files.

Motion blur quality improvements.

Changed behaviour of motion blur checkbox - read the change log for details.

The weird red-orange-yellow triangles that are seen during rendering (temporary deferred shading data) are now held in the alpha image rather than the main image.

New object: Poly Sphere. This can be populated and has a mesh (vertex) displacer input.

MDD files can be used to animate imported objects.

Recalculate normals when applying mesh displacers to imported objects.

"Save Object File..." in the context menu of the Network View works on more kinds of objects.

Fixed world-space opacity bug for populations.

Fixed some crash bugs.

Library improvements and bug fixes.

Mac only: Fixed some problems with Dark Mode.

Mac only: Fixed some Library redraw problems.

Lots of other improvements and fixes to the renderer, shaders, UI and more.


Default Shader: https://planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Default_Shader

OpenColorIO: https://planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=OpenColorIO

Easy Cloud: https://www.planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Easy_Cloud

Cloud Layer V3: https://www.planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Cloud_Layer_v3

Planet Atmosphere: https://planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php?title=Planet_Atmosphere
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Seems to me the "GGX" solves the falloff issue of specular that's bugged me for years. This is great. The lighting models looks great for these. Thanks for the hard work! I'm going to go share the news.


Like this, WAS?


Quote from: Tangled-Universe on December 23, 2020, 05:16:37 PMLike this, WAS?

Oh wow, yeah, that looks pretty good. Very warm and not so cold looking. I imagine this will be great for sunsets on an ocean.


Here's an example of GGX together with metallics to create a silk fabric.


just a question, OpencolorIO has been upgraded to version 2.0. can we use it already as color profile or Matt you need to make it compatible with Terragen?
Not sure where to find the 2.0 tho, there is nothing in the repository.