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Started by zaxxon, December 21, 2022, 12:42:03 PM

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I've had the pleasure of working with Terragen Sky for the last couple of months.  The app really is a big boost in the ability to quickly design any number of stunning skies, and it's a great preview of things to come in Terragen 5!  My approach to testing was to create a basic landscape in TG with some simple vegetation then take that camera coordinates into TGSky to experiment with various cloud and lighting settings and then export the tgc back into the TG scene for further refinement and final render. Here are 50 skies designed in Terragen Sky and refined and rendered in Terragen 4, these are from over a hundred samples and this shows how productive a tool this app can be.  




Gorgeous!!! A beautiful showcase of fantastic skies. And the music fits perfectly. A pleasure to watch.


Nice Video, good music and cool to try out different skies in a given scene.

Well... I already downloaded Terragen Sky, but it won't start on my system? -> Windows7 Ultimate Service Pack 2
Is the Software Compatible with Windows 7 or only higher? Do I need something else, like DirectX or NET Framework?

Couldn't find any description which software must be used on the TG Sky Page?



Great skies, and a cool way of displaying them. Interesting to see how dramatically the same landscape changes with different clouds and light.


Thanks Folks!  TGSky is already a productive part of my TG use and I hope that Matt and Planetside reap the rewards of this wonderful tool!


im still not sold about this.. my impression is that its basically doable within Terragen with even more flexibility, i would have expected that being standalone it would create excellent looking clouds with just some sliders, but the thing is i see the same clouds i see in terragen, mostly with this wobble effect and nothing extremely detailed.

so my concern is, is this software a stripped version of terragen sky system, like copy paste, or it has some functionality? i honestly havent seen anything new or jaw dropping from the usual terragen sky renders (within terragen).


Hi Massimo, you're right, it's still the great Terragen set of tools to create skies in TG4 that produce the best results.  What Terragen Sky does for me is that it provides a more modern interface to 'design' clouds, and it, at least for me, really makes it easier and simpler to get a 'look' that I want.  I don't really think that TGSky is a 'stand alone' product at this time, especially if you want the full range of the possibilities of TG4. I do think that for many HDRI lighting purposes it would be great though. As a glimpse into what TG5 might look like, it's a nice step forward, and does facilitate a more productive approach to cloud creation. BTW, none of the examples shown used the internal networks or blue nodes. I don't think that I ever would have put together 100 skies with the old interface, but who knows.  


well i understand that its just that it gives the signal where the development is going, which is sky/atmosphere, hence im afraid terragen terrain creation will just be stagnant, its probably because of the competition, i dont know, i just was expecting development to be focused elsewhere, its pretty clear this Terragen Sky is going to be a Standalone product and they will probably sell it separatedly.


If this had actual sculpting, and such, where you can easily sculpt voxel putty, and apply cloud fractals too, I'd be sold, but I still don't see it's purpose except getting people to buy it purely on convenience, and figure out it's not really a cloud creation suite, but a preset slider suite with more limitations than TG4.

As for HDRI? I think that's also really just redundant. Why not just have a HDRI exporter in Terragen 4?


Awesome videos..... the whole terrain looks great BTW and those skies are incredibly rich and realistic ! Thanks for the showing !


The more I use Terragen, the more I realize the world is not so small.


I have a question about you cloud samples in your 25 sky videos.  I have been producing clouds for my artwork and Architectural renders and I haven`t seen or been able to produce some of the skies similar ro what you do.  Especially the ones with clouds more on the horizon with clear blue skies above.  I would like to find out how to do that.  I am attaching samples screen grabbed from your videos to show the type of skies I would like to produce. I have prefixed them with hs (horizon sky).  I will also attach 2 other images from your videos showing a more of a thundercloud type of cloud (prefixed with th). I know Terragen sky doesn`t have a Cumiulo Nimbus (spelling) type of cloud but I would like to produce a more thunderhead type of look.
I would be pleased if you could reply and let me know.
Crap looks like you need the images online to upload but I think you get my drift about the clouds on the horizon issue.
Also id there some forum the people can exchange .TGV files that you know of.
Thanks in advance
Or if anyone else could help me out I would appreciate it.


Hi Robk, my workflow was to sort of 'prototype' the clouds in Terragen Sky and then to transfer the files into Terragen Pro to complete the images.  Sky's interface and previews enabled a quick way to create numerous variations in a manner that in Terragen proper would not have been as easy and creatively flexible, but Terragen still has a greater toolset and allows for more voxels to give that added realism.  If you are also a Terragen user I could share some of the files from TGSky and TG for your study.  If you want a specific scene just let me know which image by number in the sequence of which of the two videos and I'll see if I can find those for you. Without doubt TG is still the best option to create stunning cloud scapes imo.