Free plants now available.

Started by Oshyan, May 06, 2009, 02:44:56 AM

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As promised a week or two ago, today we're making available a pack of free plant models:

Included in this pack are 10 models in total, from 4 different species: 3 variations of ferns, 3 grass patches, a gnarled old pine, and a more standard pine tree with 3 variations.

These models come courtesy of the talented and generous "Walli" (Jan Walter Schliep). Walli is a modeler for Xfrog, and a talented TG2 artist in his own right. Thanks Walli!

We hope you enjoy these free resources.

- Oshyan


Thanks Walli.  I just found out about these.  Thanks Oshyan (Planetside) for making these available to us.  Excellent.
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Henry Blewer

I missed this thread. I found these on the Planetside website. I've been using these with 'gusto'. Thanks Walli!
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Thank you for sharing. :) As I'm typing, I'm currently testing GI in various settings with your plants scattered around just to see what happens! :)


Thank you much Walter!!!!!!!!!!!!


The link is dead, is there any chance of a re-post?  This looks interesting.


All free downloads are now on our website, here:

More to come.

- Oshyan

Confused Dabbler

Hello- I'm really interested in the plants, and excited to get working with them. However, the link seems to have been corrupted by a very sketchy virus of some sort. Could you just post the files?

Thank you!


All free downloads are now in one place on our website. I've updated the erroneous links above:

- Oshyan