Free Downloads

    Note: Microsoft recently made changes to their libraries which might lead to an installation error. We’ll update our downloads soon. Until then, a simple solve is to install this package before installing Terragen.

    Click here: Microsoft C++ Distributable Download and run the vcredist_x64.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. Then try installing Terragen again.

    Terragen 4 Free Download

    Terragen 4 is available as a free download. The free version may only be used for non-commercial purposes, or 30 days of commercial evaluation.

    Terragen Presets Pack – Volume 1

    Download this set of preset textures, atmospheres, and example scenes to jump-start your scene creation.

    Silva3D Plant Model Sampler

    10 free plant objects for Terragen, courtesy of Silva 3D and Jan Walter Schliep (“Walli”). Visit for more.

    XfrogPlants Sampler

    15 free plant objects for Terragen, courtesy of Greenworks Organic Software. Visit our online store for more.