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The Info tab displays useful information about the image. As well as showing the image size in metres and pixels it also has information about the image data and the projection of the image.

All of the parameters on this tab are read only. You can't edit them but you can select them if you want to copy text from them.


  • XY size (metres): This displays the size of the image in metres. This value is calculated from the georeferencing information. If there is no georeferencing information available for the file then a default scale of 1 pixel equals 1 metre is used.
  • XY size (pixels): This is the size of the image in pixels.

  • Raster and Projection Info: This field displays quite a lot of information about the structure of the raster data, along with the projection found for the image file.

    The first two lines display the raster dataset size in pixels and the number of raster bands in the image. Raster bands are similar to channels in a normal image, except in geospatial images they may represent data other than colour data. Information is shown about each raster band in the image. The raster band information will look something like this:

    Raster band 1
    Colour interpretation: Red
    Data type: Unsigned 8 bit integer
    Band doesn't have a NODATA value

    The first line shows the index of the raster band in the image, in this case "1". The second line shows the colour interpretation of the raster band. The colour interpretation is a hint about how the raster band data should be read. In this case it is "Red" which means the raster band is the red channel of an image. The next line displays the data type of the raster band. Finally there is a line which describes the NODATA status of the raster band.

    The final block of information is the projection and coordinate system which is being used to georeference the image. The coordinate system is displayed using the OpenGIS Well Known Text format.

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A single element of an image which describes values for color and/or intensity, depending on the color system which the image uses. Groups of ordered pixels together form a raster image.