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Planetside Software LLC is a US company based in Los Angeles, California. We produce high quality software for professional landscape visualisation, visual effects and artistic expression.

Matt Fairclough, Founder and Lead Developer

Matt earned a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of York, England in 1999. While studying for his degree Matt also developed and released the first versions of Terragen, which he described as a natural scenery rendering program for Windows. He founded Planetside Software in late 1999 to support its continued development.

In the following years Matt gained experience in the trenches of visual effects as a software engineer, lighting TD, environment artist and compositor. While working as a Technical Director at Digital Domain, he initiated the development of Digital Domain’s proprietary terrain renderer which was used on the films Stealth, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima and other films and TV commercials. Much of its core technology went on to become Planetside Software’s Terragen 2.

Today, Matt directs Planetside Software and is the main engineer of Terragen’s renderer, shading architecture and simulation of natural phenomena.

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Oshyan Greene, Business Manager

Oshyan joined the Planetside team after years as a passionate hobbyist. With a long history in Terragen and the Computer Graphics community as a whole, as well as extensive professional experience in the IT industry, Oshyan had an ideal background to hit the ground running in a core support role. Oshyan became the Business Manager in mid-2009 and currently oversees Planetside’s business operations, including development and testing, as well as marketing and public relations. He also continues to provide technical support by email and on the Planetside forums and is the main author of documentation and user guides for Terragen. Oshyan also maintains independent websites supporting Terragen and 3D graphics in general.

Jo Meder, Lead Mac Developer

Jo has been working with Planetside Software since the late nineties. Originally a user, he joined the development team to bring Terragen to the Mac. Jo ported Terragen Classic to the Mac and added a number of significant new features, as well as working on the Windows version. As a third party he released several plugins to extend Terragen Classic’s capabilities.

As well as being the lead Mac developer, Jo is the principal engineer of Terragen’s cross platform user interface support, a number of user interface enhancements and many unglamorous back-end systems. He has also written plugins and documentation.

Jo was the main Mac developer on Pandromeda Mojoworld for its first commercial release in 2001.