Heightfield Erode v3

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Heightfield Erode v3

Node Description and Purpose: Heightfield Erode simulates the natural effects of weather and water flow. It creates a realistic weathered effect on a heightfield, useful when enhanced realism is needed. The result is similar to many other erosion filters in dedicated heightfield editing applications. Controls are provided to customize the effect.

Flow distance effect: ErodeFlowDistance.gif Duration effect: Erodev3Duration.gif Erode power effect: Erodev3ErodePower.gif

Deposition effect: ErodeDeposition.gif Deposition rate effect: Erodev3DepositionRate.gif Diffusion effect: Erodev3Diffusion.gif

A heightmap or heightfield is an array of height values, usually in a grid which describe the height at specific points in a defined area. Heightfields are used to represent real-world and virtual terrain in a specific, easily converted format. Most heightfields can be represented as simple image data in grayscale, with black being minimum height and white being maximum height.