LWO Micro Exporter

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LWO Micro Exporter

Node Description and Purpose:
The LWO Micro Exporter allows you to export scene geometry from the perspective of your current camera. Geometry is exported in Lightwave LWO2 format to the path of your choice.

Please Note: This node is deprecated and may be removed in future versions. Please use the Micro exporter in your projects instead. The Micro exporter can write LWO files.

Detail and overall geometry density of the exported object is based on the Render detail. Due to the extremely complex geometry Terragen 2 is capable of producing, it is recommended that you limit your data export to the region you need using the Nearest and Farthest Distance settings. Additionally, using detail levels of 0.5 or below will help keep geometry levels in check.

Node Type: Other


  • Nearest distance: This parameter sets the distance from the camera where geometry starts to be exported. The default value is 0 which means geometry is exported right from the camera position. If you set this to 1000 then only parts of the terrain 1000m and more from the camera will be exported.
  • Farthest distance: This parameter sets the furthest distance from the camera that geometry will be exported. Parts of the terrain beyond this distance are not exported.

  • Filename: This parameter specifies the file that the exported geometry will be saved to.

Deprecated items are still supported and available to use but their use is not recommended. Such items will be removed at some point in the future. In most cases an alternative is recommended and that should be used instead.

A parameter is an individual setting in a node parameter view which controls some aspect of the node.