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The main window Timeline is shown at the bottom of the main window. It gives basic control over animation playback and the current frame position. It's only available in licensed versions of TG4. The Timeline can be shown and hidden using the Timeline button at the bottom of the main window.

To the right of the Timeline button is the current frame field. You can use this to set the current frame position.

Next are the animation playback buttons. This is what the buttons do (from left to right):

  • Jump to first frame in working range
  • Step to previous frame
  • Start or stop playback
  • Step to next frame
  • Jump to last frame in working range

The next button is the Lock playback to frames button. If this button is pressed every frame will be played in sequence, regardless of how long it takes to draw each frame. If this button isn't pressed then playback will be in realtime (24 frames per second). Frames will be skipped to try and keep playback moving in realtime.

Finally we have a slider which lets you scrub through the animation. The slider operates on the working frame range, which is set either in the Project settings or the Timeline view of the Animation Panel.

For greater control over animation playback you can use the controls in the Timeline view of the Animation Panel.

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