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Node Description and Purpose:
The Sphere node creates a sphere object.

Node Type: Object


  • Show b-box in preview: If this is checked the bounding box of the sphere will be displayed in 3D Previews.
  • Visible to camera: If this is unchecked the disc will not be visible to cameras.

  • Visible to other rays: TBC

  • Cast shadows: If this is checked the disc will cast shadows.

Transform Tab

  • Center: This sets the position of the centre of the sphere.
  • Radius: This sets the radius of the sphere.

  • Import chan file: Clicking this button allows you to import a .chan file to animate the sphere.

Additional tabs for Sphere[edit]

The bounding box is a box which surrounds (or bounds) an object or shader. This box shows the maximum extents of the item inside it. Sometimes abbreviated as "b-box".