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The Library preferences panel contains settings relating to the Terragen Library. You can find out more about the Library here.


  • Automatically add these assets to the Library when opened: These checkboxes allow you to choose what sorts of assets are added to the Library when they're opened. This means both when the assets are opened directly, for example by importing an object or inserting a clip file, and when the assets are loaded as part of a project.
  • Add assets to the library when saved: If this is checked all types of assets are added to the Library when they're saved, for example project files will be added when you save them.

These are advanced settings for the Library.

  • Clear Previews: Click this button to clear/delete all the previews for the Library. This will remove the previews from all items in the Library except for items, such as clips or project files, which have a preview saved as part of the file. Some assets which have dynamically generated previews (small images for example) will also still show previews.
  • Delete Library Database: Clicking this button will delete the database file which is used to store information for the Library. This will remove all items from the library and also clears all previews, as described above. If you are having problems with the Library you can delete the Library database as a last resort.

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