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The Network View preference panel lets you change preferences related to the network view, also known as the node network.


  • Use smooth text: If this is checked smooth (antialiased) text is used in the network view.
  • Use line smoothing: If this is checked, the network view will draw its lines so they look smooth, or antialiased.
  • Clip node label text to node box: If this checkbox is checked the node label text is clipped to fit inside the node box. If it is unchecked the text width is not limited to the size of the node box.
  • Centre on nodes selected in node lists: The default behaviour of Terragen is to centre the network view on any node you select in the node lists. If this setting is unchecked the network view doesn't centre on the node.

The settings in the Colours section all relate to colours used in the network view.

  • Background colour: Clicking this button opens the colour picker, which lets you choose the colour used for the network view background.
  • Automatically choose connection colour: If this is checked then whenever you change the background colour Terragen automatically chooses a colour for the node connection lines. If you would prefer to use a different colour, uncheck this setting and the "Connection colour" colour button will be enabled.
  • Connection colour: Clicking this button opens a colour picker which lets you change the colour used for the node connection lines. This button is only enabled if the "Automatically choose connection colour" checkbox is unchecked.

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A single object or device in the node network which generates or modifies data and may accept input data or create output data or both, depending on its function. Nodes usually have their own settings which control the data they create or how they modify data passing through them. Nodes are connected together in a network to perform work in a network-based user interface. In Terragen 2 nodes are connected together to describe a scene.