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The Software Update preference panel lets you set preferences relating to checking for new updates of Terragen.

If you have automatic checking for software updates turned on then every time you start Terragen it will attempt to connect to the Internet and check with the Planetside servers to see if there is a new version of Terragen available. It is important that you realise this doesn't transmit any personal or private information about your computer, it only checks to see what the latest version of the software is. Planetside values your privacy. It also doesn't automatically download and install any new software.

If there is a new version available, then the next time you start Terragen you will be prompted to visit the Planetside website, where you can download and install the new version yourself. Terragen will only prompt you once per day if there are new versions available.

If you would prefer that Terragen did not automatically make a connection to the Internet to check for new versions each time it starts up, you can turn automatic checking off and use the "Check for Updates Now" button to manually check for new versions. You can also use the "Check for Updates" menu item in the Help menu.


  • Automatically check for updates: If this checkbox is checked then Terragen automatically checks for updates each time you start Terragen. Uncheck this to turn off automatic checking. The default is for this setting to be checked.
  • Check For Updates Now button: You can click this button to have Terragen check with the Planetside servers to see if there is a new version available. If there is a new version you will be prompted to visit the Planetside website to download it. If there is not a new version then you will see an alert telling you that.
  • Reset Ignored Versions button: When you are notified that a new version of Terragen is available you have the choice of ignoring that particular version, which means you won't be notified of that update again. If you click this button Terragen will stop ignoring versions you may have chosen to ignore.

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