Voronoi 3D A Vector

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Voronoi 3D A Vector

Node Description & Purpose:
These two nodes generate Voronoi noise and output the noise value as a vector. Voronoi noise has the appearance of being divided up into different cells. Here are examples of the noise patterns generated by the nodes:

Voronoi 3D A.jpg
[Voronoi 3D A vector noise]

Voronoi 3D B.jpg
[Voronoi 3D B vector noise]

Note that the output vector of the nodes was converted to a greyscale colour to better show the pattern.

Node Type: Function

These nodes both have the same settings:

  • Scale: The scale setting controls the overall scale of the noise pattern generated. Increasing the scale value make it seems like the cells in the noise are larger.
  • Seed: The seed value controls the noise pattern generated. Each seed value generates a slightly different pattern.

A vector is a set of three scalars, normally representing X, Y and Z coordinates. It also commonly represents rotation, where the values are pitch, heading and bank.