First TG Project

Started by 3DSFX, June 02, 2010, 03:47:00 pm

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June 02, 2010, 03:47:00 pm Last Edit: June 02, 2010, 10:47:41 pm by 3DSFX
Well my first project using Terragen.  I'm not sure why the video came out jerkey on YouTube since my original is smooth as silk and quite beautiful.  Suppose it's the .flv compression but nevertheless here it is.  Working on this project I can say Im deffently looking forward to TG having some animation upgrades but I managed to get though it since animation is more my thing than stills.  But it was fun and I learned allot so it's all worth it in the end!
If you have the patiants to wait for the page to load on my cheap secondary server there's a better quality video here:  Bottom video



Pretty impressive - a few odd things going on with clouds, but otherwise pretty smooth.


great - really liked the first section


I suspect some of the odd things going on with the terrain and the clouds is the first part of the video I didn't have the patiants to wait for the render so I only rendered out 700 frames then used a frame blending technique to double the length of the video.  Same with the second part.  I only rendered out 310 frames and used the same technique of frame blending to double the length so every other frame is extrapolated from the one before and the one after so somtimes you end up with weird stuff happening.   :-\



nice work, love the water scenes especially!


Thanks I had allot of trouble with the water trying to get it to look right.  Still not sure if I like it 100%.  :'(