painting sky problem

Started by ccb, August 02, 2010, 01:03:47 pm

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Reading other posts, I see the painting sky crash is pretty common - I get it almost all the time.  One post referred to using an image map instead.  I'm a "bear of very little brain" so could someone tell me how to do that?  I have a bmp I made to use.  Should I use it on the plane object or forget the plane altogether and use it with the clouds?  I've tried both and don't seem to be getting anywhere.
Many thanks for any help.


What do you want to achieve? Make a mask for cloud distribution? You can set it to plan Y, adjust the size. Stick it in the color input of a (final, temporary) test surface layer to see where the mask is. Hope this helps.



Yes, that is what I wanted to do - control the cloud distribution.  Thanks!  I'll try that.


You can paint the sky without making it crash by using 'view relative' brush size. It isn't always ideal, if you need to paint depth for example, but it works.


Thanks!  It would be great if that problem could be fixed.