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Started by dandelO, August 19, 2010, 10:29:28 AM

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I'm going to be away for some time after today so, here's a farewell gift. :)

You can lay this layer straight onto the ground to get complete coverage of the surface shown here:

It contains 'wood 1', from the first post here.
I have lots more wood shaders made but 'wood 1' is all I'm posting, for now(wood 2 here is just a different variation of wood 1).

Here's the simplest way to connect the flooring to the main scene's node network(the 'base colours' node isn't required):


The actual wood shaders(in their own groups inside) are nothing special but, when used with my 'planks' function there are many possibilities for editing pattern, combinations etc.
For the wood shaders, the direction the grain will run on is decided by one(or more) of the 'grain XYZ' nodes. Both wood groups defaults are 'X'.
The 'grain X,Y or Z' nodes can also be simply applied to anything for a plain, bare wood surface, if you wanted that instead.
Here, though, the 'wood' groups are stashed inside the main shader because, if you plan on playing with my cracks, that's where you'll need them, to edit them easily.

The cracks are a collection of functions that create masks for displacement, colour distribution and reflectivity:


Surface layers W1 and W2 can feed either of the add/mix nodes beneath them or, you can bypass the 'add colour'/'mix colour' and 'combined colour' nodes completely, if you want to only have 1 flavour of wood on your final surface.
Default settings are for 'wood 2' to be added to wood 1 alternately.

Someone might be able to simplify the internal network a little more, it makes sense to me but, I'm not always the sharpest box in the tool! :D

Have at it! : [attachimg=#]

Cheers and, enjoy! :)

* Edit: Replaced clipfile. I forgot the reflectivity masking.

** Edit: Mega update downstairs... Old files removed.

Zairyn Arsyn

looks pretty good martin, thanks for sharing.


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Henry Blewer

Bookmarked this. I am not sure where to use this, yet. But it will be handy for objects.
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Thanks. You also provided the insight that I needed to fix my Brick Shader.  One thing I would look at is the displacement. If you want to have it work with objects you should reverse what you are doing and displace the board up. If you displace the edges down you may get the internal shadowing issue on objects. At least I was having the issue withthe bricks.

A quick question. Why do you use the component mix vector to mix the masks instead of an add color?  (Vectors in TG2 elude me for some reason)
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Thanks a lot Dandel0, you sure are a hell of a provider of goodies! I hope you won't go away for too long.




This is fabulous work! Thank you for all the work that you have contributed!


So, after a little time away from this project and some newly-infused inspiration and perseverance recently, I've come up with this multi-purpose shader. This is quite a biggie for me and I'm very happy with the way things have worked out with this. It's a very logical and free flowing network, you won't have any trouble navigating it or, editing outputs. I hope! :D

Never fear, though! I have written a very concise usage note on every function that requires user input to create multiple combination outputs easily.

It's a highly customizable wood flooring shader, with near endless possibilities. I'm attaching a few examples, by no means are these all of the variations that could be achieved with this shader, just a few tasters, I'll let you folks work out your own combinations from here on. ;)

I'll take a couple of posts to attach the previews then I'll be back with the works, I think you'll like this one, folks...

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:


Demo 4:

Demo 5:

Your Controls:


EDIT: Compressed images to fit into 2 posts, rather than 3.

Download file below this post. vv


And here is the fully procedural Mega Wood Flooring Shader and also a .tgd which shows the general method of connecting it at default settings. The shader is a single layer that will simply slot into any network and plug into any surface.
Example images, as above, and a detailed usage note are included in the pack.
Compressed with WinRAR.

Cheers! :)


this is so freaking amazing, Martin! Very good, excellent stuff. Are you going to put this up on the community store, too, please?

Thank you,


Very nice. My only problem with it is that the wood needs some grainy detail. Like this:
They just issued a tornado warning and said to stay away from windows. Does that mean I can't use my computer?


Sorry, my wood looks better than that photo! ;)

Seriously, though, that's where you come into it, Landon! Pop some more colour detail inside the wood nodes, they're all quite basic shaders. Adding some warp factor after the 'wood surface A/B' nodes could also be an idea. And giving the surfaces some tiny displacements, between 'planks' and the 'final surface' displacement function is also a good idea. Like I said, I'll let you guys figure it out from here.
You shouldn't really grumble, it's free! ;) :D

Frank: Will do, after dinner... EDIT: Does the CS uploader accept animated .gif preview images?

Thanks, guys! :)