Quarry marks

Started by A4size, September 26, 2010, 09:15:08 pm

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That grass sure looks comfy.
Heard of computer graphics? CG? Terragen 2, the landscape generating program, also known as TG, a whole cool way to create realistic CG - with TG.


A very nice implementation of Dandel0's grass.


great rock structures aswell!

Volker Harun

Yes, the image has some remarkable potential.
My first thought was, you might want to reduce the saturation of the greens and/or you might want to breakup the layer with the grasses. To fit the grasses appearance with the good rocks ,-)
It looks now like lawn from a british park ... well cut, no mud and freshly dung ... :) :D

Cheers, Volker


Cool image! However I think Volker is right. I would also reduce the "green" to give it a more realistic look. Great work!
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