Quarry marks

Started by A4size, September 26, 2010, 09:15:08 pm

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That grass sure looks comfy.
Heard of computer graphics? CG? Terragen 2, the landscape generating program, also known as TG, a whole cool way to create realistic CG - with TG.


A very nice implementation of Dandel0's grass.

Volker Harun

Yes, the image has some remarkable potential.
My first thought was, you might want to reduce the saturation of the greens and/or you might want to breakup the layer with the grasses. To fit the grasses appearance with the good rocks ,-)
It looks now like lawn from a british park ... well cut, no mud and freshly dung ... :) :D

Cheers, Volker


Cool image! However I think Volker is right. I would also reduce the "green" to give it a more realistic look. Great work!
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