BUG in key animation and in import animation file !

Started by paquit0, March 18, 2007, 05:49:54 pm

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i'm a new user of TG2, i come from Maya, and our company bought TG2 Deep+anim last week !

i found a strange react of TG2 with the import anim for camera Transl and Rot !

if you want, you can repeat the bug :
i create from Maya, a cam Trans anim and cam Rot anim files (with a simply mel script)
in bugT.txt file, the Trans anim text is (frame tx ty tz):
1   240   1   -240
2   240   1   -240
3   240   1   -240
4   200   20   -160

in bugR.txt file, the Rot anim text is (frame rx ry rz):
1   0   -45   0
2   0   -45   0
3   0   -45   0
4   -12   -40   -30

So, in TG2, for the CameraRender, i import bugT.txt in Position cam with import animation file and bugR.txt in Rotation...

LOGICALLY, the 3 first frames have to be exactly the same (they have rigorously the same coord Trans and Rot)
In openGL viewport it's OK BUT when i try to render image the "frame 3" start to roll and the skyline inclined (at this frame the RotZ is though at zero)...

I try to enter directly in TG2 all the keyframe at each frame, and i set animation key manually, without import file BUT it  doesn't work anyway !!!

It's seams to be a strange bug !  :-[



Without seeing an example render I can't be sure, but I think this is due to motion blur. The easiest way to test this is to set Motion Blur Length to 0 (in the Camera parameters).

Currently TG2 uses "forward" motion blur, so when you render frame 3 you get a blur between frame 3 and some way towards frame 4, and in your example this results in some inclination of the horizon.

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


thx for the fast answer,

hups, when i decreased motion blur to 0, the frame is correct !!!
it's all right, thx
it was strange because, i made fast test with the antialiasing at 1, so there's no blur on the result !!!
so i didn't thing, it was the MoBlur !


Indeed, the antialiasing quality affects the appearance and quality of motion blur as well.

- Oshyan