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Started by Dune, November 01, 2010, 03:42:49 am

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First try. I had a hard time (harder than I thought it would be) to get a decent 'wall of ice' sticking out of a reasonably flat tundra. First tried it procedurally with large scale clamped fractals, blended by a simple shape, but couldn't get the right shape. So I painted a simple mask and added some redirect, resulting in this image. I'll drag it through WM and see if I can get it nicely fractured, along with some morene and outflows of meltwater. Also the strata are too warped (they are blue node strata, by the way, based on altitude and sinuses). The ground, sky and some boulders and small rock need a lot of work still.


Henry Blewer

'they are blue node strata, by the way, based on altitude and sinuses'       aachoo.

Bless you.

The plain looks good. I think I would try some more vertical 'chunks' of ice in the glacier. I think the sin based nodes maybe too strong.
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Zairyn Arsyn

i was thinking of the farside comics when i saw this...
"the good news is we wont have to move the house for while" :D

i definitely agree with henry, the plain looks great.

but the glacier needs better surfacing.


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Second iteration, but I have to check how the ice crept over the tundra, and were there trees at all? This wall of ice is too huge, it must have been a sloping bubbly mass, with perhaps crumbling edges, pushing debris (morene) forward. Terrain done in PS and taken through WM + extra in TG.

Henry Blewer

I like the ice in the water. It's a nice touch.
I think the edge of the glacier would depend on the season, what latitude the face is at, etc.
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nice and interesting.
One question is, is your ice coming or going?
I think it looks more like going, because there are more signs of erosion than of deposition in your shapes.
In that situation I would expect some stony ground around it that only very slowly is reoccupied by vegetation.
A Birch as early tree is perfect, But I´d say, this is a really fast one. But why not, it fits in the image.
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@ Mahnmut: What I hope to make is the ice coming in an Ice Age developing over relatively flat ground (Netherlands), pushing the ground forward into morenes (if this is the right word), like this next iteration.

I wouldn't know (wasn't there at the time) if the land would be frozen and snowed over all the time, or tundra like with just the ice moving over it as a sort of glacier. I also don't know if the ice would dive deep into the soil and thus spilling rocks and debris over the moving edge, and if the edges would be smooth, with occasional pieces breaking off when hitting hard round, or steep, like in todays glaciers where they melt at the low end. 

I still need to get rocks and debris into the ice itself, perhaps in a bit layer like formations. At least I think that would be the case. Perhaps the end of this ice flow would be a rough mixture of ice, and soil, not as 'seperated' as here.

Henry Blewer

The ice pushing the ground before it is good and probably happened. Moraines are deposits left behind as the glacier melts. Sometimes huge boulders get stacked from the ice melting away.
It has been a long time since geology in school. I have forgotten a lot.
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How about this one? A bit funky perhaps, but it randomly came out this way with a little redirection. Rendered out in 1 hour and 30 mins @ 0.7 and AA6. This is made with a very simple soft PS mask of a ragged circle and the rest done in TG. No fancy WM stuff. Next iteration will have the moraines and will be less plastic (I added another perlin)!


I really like the shapes on the distant part of the glacier, looks far more interesting now!  Not sure how this will work but try slapping on the attached clip file to the surface of your glacier (you may need to reduce the luminocity to fit in with your scene lighting but it may be interesting anyway.  It is a clip from a very old project  Feb 2008 -

I'm sure you can make a better ice shader anyway, but from the glaciers I have seen most of them are a little more blue than white.


I've seen snow melt into shapes like that. :)
They just issued a tornado warning and said to stay away from windows. Does that mean I can't use my computer?


yep, as Ryan said, much more glacier-ish now as far as the structure is concerned :)
Some ice-blue will only add to that.


Great job Dune!

I like image no 4 the most but they all look intimidating  ;D

Would like to try it with an blueish iceberg so thanks for the idea and info.

Btw I think I saw Dune's glacier north of Stockholm in January this year. Hell of a winter.



Cool work Ulco :)
I hope you will stick to your original POV eventually, since I like the mudpools and stones there. It looks convincing.

For the ice I'd go for something more slightly bluish, but also less glossy/reflective.
Also you could try to add some spikyness and breaking effect by applying stretched voronoi displacements.
See here for some examples of both:


Henry Blewer

I really like the new ice structure. The rocks in the foreground seem right also.
I wonder if some photos of the glaciers in Greenland would help. They are retreating.
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