Upgrade Problems

Started by Mindscape, March 19, 2007, 01:07:25 pm

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I'm having a problem upgrading the paid version to the build.

I have placed the "tg2key" file in the appropriate place: The Same folder as the application file.
But it won't show the program as being registered to me.
I still get the "free non-comercial edition" message when the program starts.

I have fully uninstalled the build.

Am I missing something?


Did you download from the email link or the forums page?

If you took it from the forum this cannot be upgraded to the registered version as far as I know. You must download the one from the link emailed to you.


Mindscape, we have seen this problem with one other user so far. Assuming you have completely uninstalled the previous version as you indicated, it would seem to be the same issue. Please contact registrations@planetside.co.uk to resolve this.

- Oshyan


For windows, the key file gets placed by TG2 into "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Planetside Software\Terragen 2". When I uninstalled TG the key file was left there and was detected correctly after reinstalling.

You could try manually placing the keyfile here.