Another Non-TG Nature render thingy

Started by Walli, July 06, 2011, 05:25:15 PM

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j meyer

Nice plants and renders.
Especially the "Pusteblume" is impressive.


thanks. I have done some final changes on that pov and now will hunt for some other viewpoints ;-)


rendertimes - I only now from the last one, it was a bit more then four hours (2560*1440) - but I am pretty sure that one could optimize that.


Well, 4 hours, pretty much worth it if it was up to me!

The de-straightened ;) stem is an improvement, saw that suggestion on CGS.
That bokeh still looks great...damn :)


vray is pretty nice when it comes to speed/quality ratio. I like it a lot, also because it is nicely integrated into Cinema4D and feels almost like an internal renderer.


I like where this scene arrived at, really nice results. Especially the way DoF is handled. Interesting to see the render time is pretty high though. I wonder what it would take to do this in TG. I guess the lighting might not be quite as good, but render time would not be so far off I think. Any plans to try?

- Oshyan


yes, I plan a similar TG scene too, but I guess I need more time ;-)
For now some more renders from that scene:
DonĀ“t bug me:

Low flying birds view:


Bigger resolution of final:





bla bla 2


Wow, these are really beautiful! Nice job Walli.

Henry Blewer

I like the one which looks up at the tree. Is that your 'noble one'?
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