Call for Artists: Planetside Software creating a Terragen job referral program

Started by Oshyan, July 19, 2011, 01:49:14 am

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Quote from: Oshyan on July 19, 2011, 01:49:14 am
With Terragen being used more and more in major movie, TV, game, and print media projects, the interest in working with Terragen is increaing every day. We get requests at least weekly from people looking for skilled Terragen 2 artists. As a result we've decided to put together a referral list so we can better service the increasing volume of requests and hopefully help connect interesting projects with talented artists for the benefit of both.

If you're a talented Terragen 2 artist, particularly one with professional experience (or serious interest in gaining such experience), you can apply to join our referral list by filling out the form at the link below. As indicated on the form, the referrals you receive will be based on your level of experience and the quality of your work.

If you are working on a project that would benefit from a Terragen 2 artist, feel free to contact us for a referral. We're just getting started on building the referral list, but we hope to have a good group of candidates very soon.

We hope this new program will be of great benefit both to the artist community here, and to the media production community as a whole. Thanks for your participation and best of luck to all artists who apply.

To apply, please fill out this form:

- Oshyan

great idea, did not see this post untill today!


This is actually my first post here. I just started using Terragen four days ago, happening upon it by chance when looking for something to do with Daz3d and a forum post suggested someone use Terragen for backgrounds to their renders. Next thing I happened upon some lovely images online that looked like they could have been photos, and a few minutes later I had downloaded the free version and started working my way through my first tutorials.

As I have quickly come to learn, Terragen is one of those pieces of software where the developers work quite closely with the users, using this forum and all becoming part of a greater community. I find that highly commendable, and I am sure that it aids in a more efficient development of the program too.

When I saw this job referral program post, I was quite impressed. This is a brilliant initiative. Of course I am a bit too inexperienced to sign up for something like that in my fourth day using the software, but it is nice to know something like that exists, and it is nice how it shows the continuing dedication that a software company shows for what is the most valuable asset it has: not the software they make, but the people that use it.
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Welcome Artistico. It's great to hear your perspective as a new user of the software and being new to the community. The close relationship with our customers is definitely a core part of how we like to do business. Looking forward to seeing you around. :)

- Oshyan

bla bla 2


This is a brilliant idea! I have a few bits and bobs I can put together for this when I get time.
I've made a note to do it soon. ;)


I'll need to get my example work a bit more organised before signing up.  When I was posting here more regularly I received several offers of work so something more organised has to be a plus. 

Will potential clients be able to brows registered artists or will this be a referral  only program?
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Send in any change requests to support AT and we'll update. We're working on a better system for the future as well.

- Oshyan