Lightwave 11 On 11-11-11

Started by rcallicotte, November 12, 2011, 08:00:39 am

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It is Calico's thread, TheBadger  :)

Don't know the feelings others here, but Lightwave is the 3D software i know and use since the early 90's.
So even the free Blender couldn't hold me from buying Lightwave .

For some the interface , work flow is too much different.
Using 2 main application ones for animating texturing etc. and the other for modeling is a little different too.
I like the GUI with everything labeled in text more in Ligthwave . You see instantly what the button is supposed to do.
But users who like interfaces like in Max etc. struggle sometimes.

The best way is if you ask me, to use every software (trials etc.) for a while and then go with one.
But sometimes you have to use more then one (one for rendering, one for character animation etc.) .
So knowing more then one isn't bad either.

It depend what you want in the future too of course.

So it is not an easy question and you may get many answers who you ask  :)


Hi, TheBadger.

I think Kadri has essentially got it. It really depends on who you ask about any given software.
I've known Carrara since v.5(there was a full v.5 or v.6 for free kicking about at one point from DAZ3D, not sure if it's still available but it would be a good place to start if you just wanted a feel of how things work, it still has the very same interface) and I suppose that's why I like it so much, it's just such a straightforward package to use, the UI is split into 5 separate tabs, assembly room, modelling room, texture room, storyboard room and render room. Each room does exactly what you'd expect. I have never even used the storyboard room, all animation can be done from within the assembly room through the timeline but I bet there are loads more options in the storyboard room that I just haven't needed yet.
Carrara is a pretty unknown/lesser used program when it comes to 3D packages but it really does pretty much everything the big names can. It has a very quick and capable renderer with multipass and lots of different options, photoreal/non-photoreal/toon/etc. Has complete video output in many different formats, has a fully animatable physics system with hard and soft body dynamics, bullet physics, full plant editor(probably the poorest area of Carrara in my opinion, I never use this), wind, atmospheric editor, hair, volumetrics, caustics, raytraced shadows(with soft shadows or shadow buffer options for each individual light) it basically has everything that the big packages have at around one third the price. It really is the complete package and is extremely easy to navigate.

Sorry to have steered away from the thread topic, Calico, but I was asked in here so this would be the place to reply. :)

Zairyn Arsyn

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i had been planning on it for a while,
seems they've raised the prices, wish they offered more upgrade options...

always liked the UI, plus the labeled buttons :)
i mainly just use modeler for modeling these days, i use layout much less compared TG2 in terms of rendering
one thing i have noticed about using LW, is that there is wider selection of Procedural textures included, than in most other 3d programs
Quote from: calico on November 12, 2011, 10:12:27 pm
Thanks.  I'll plan to bring up Lightwave more often.  I haven't been focusing on it much lately, but it's my main 3D application.  As for an upgrade, I'm planning to check pricing first.  

Quote from: Kadri on November 12, 2011, 05:54:30 pm

So far i know Calico , Zaai , Dune and myself use Ligthwave from here . Not sure but Oshyan or was it Jo use or know it too...not sure.
I would like to help you so much i know of course . My work hours are not much restricting. Do not hesitate to ask Martin :)

Calico will you buy LW 11 . The new things look good but there is a little mixed feeling i think you know :)
But i loved the news . Much as i was expecting really.
( It is more appropriate here. I did copy paste this here.)


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Not worried about it, since it is all about 3D software.  I have tried everything and have found XSI and Lightwave "FEEL" solid, which means I trust them more.  I don't use Maya, because I do not like the licensing scheme.  Blender is pretty awesome, too, really.
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