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Started by rcallicotte, February 09, 2012, 10:47:53 am

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Zairyn Arsyn

what is this computer sorcery? :)   :D

no... it cant be... that has to be a photo :D ;D

looks really good, especially since i like mushrooms.

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There is something with the edges of the mushrooms or overall the surface of the mushrooms themselves that are throwing my eye off so i can tell it is CG after staring at it for a few seconds. Not bad though. It does have a lot of life detail going on.


I think the wings need more transparency unless there are dragonflies that don't have transparent wings (all of them in my photos do.)  Maybe a little more faceting on the eyes.   In fact, I'm starting to think most of the background foliage is a photo.  Very nice image though.
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It's nice on first glance but the more I look, the more wrong it starts to become. The focus depth is pretty off, the small mushrooms look pretty cartoony to me as well.
And there's a big stick, apparently weaving itself around a fern's fronds, right at the bottom. :/


You guys are so frikkin' picky!  But, I just keep coming back. 

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


the dragonfly is not so good.
but other than that, the light is damn great and the overall is really realistic


By the way, if you guys weren't so frikkin' picky, I wouldn't have learned so much.  I appreciate it. 

I think I was amazed that this was done via LuxRender via Daz Studio.  It looks pretty good and its likely better renders are possible.  But, I liked how this one was laid out, the colors and the lighting.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


I think the lighting is good but everything else looks pretty CG to me. I haven't seen a dragonfly like that, although I think it's eyes which really detract from it. They look like velvet. The wings look too dense as well. I've spent quite a lot time looking at dragonflies, my hobby is trout fishing :-).



bla bla 2

En HDR ce serait plus beau, non ?


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Still, If these things were further from the camera and in a TG shot I think it would be much better than you guys think. Not the dragonfly, he is obviously an unfortunate fellow, but I bet the mushrooms could look very nice.

At any rate, it shows some possibilities for the DAZ line of software. I have downloaded all that free stuff but haven't had the time to explore. Could these mushroom (for example) be imported into TG2? Does anyone know that yet?

Also, he says he used LUXrender. Its free software too. I have it but never used it, now I want to know if there is anyway to render a TG2 shot with it... just want to see what happens.
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@Jo, I can see you fishin' now. 

@TheBadger, most objects can be exported out of DAZ Studio and then imported as objects into TG2 as long as you have the memory, right version, etc.  As for using Reality Render, it costs money as a plugin.  I'm pretty sure there are many undiscovered avenues moving between Terragen and DAZ Studio.  Could be fun finding out what is out there.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


LUXrender is pretty cool and it runs on the gpu in realtime so loads of threads and quick. I prefer Octane but each to their own. I think you get free versions of both. I don't have any of them but when I tried them out, Octane was more to my liking.

And if you can export as a .obj from DAZ then, it can indeed be imported into TG2. I don't like DAZ Studio but it's really great and capable for free, I prefer DAZ's Carrara, which I think I've recommended to you before, TB.



Yes, I remember. But these programs are free. My situation has changed since we talked about this. So free is better now ;)

I am looking forward to being able to add realistic human figures to my renders, even if only as concept art/illustration. This may work.
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