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Started by rcallicotte, February 09, 2012, 10:47:53 am

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I have no idea what Bryce can do.  It should say somewhere on the DAZ site, I would guess.  Have you checked there?

Quote from: j meyer on February 17, 2012, 10:10:37 am
Hey Martin,if you don't mind I'll give you a short answer.Basically GoZ is
a feature that allows you to take a ZB model from ZB to another app (max,
maya etc) to make changes to the topology or the UVs or so and then bring
it back to ZB where the changes should be accepted automatically and that
without having to close ZB or the other app.You can do that with any other
modeling package using the normal export/import features too of course.
I hope that makes some sense to you.

Btw is Bryce7 capable of multithreading?

So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Had a demo a while ago. Jeez! That was some messed up, complicated UI! I never got the hang of it so, gave up. :D


Things are better now.  UI is similar, but it isn't really that goofy.  Learn a few keys, like 'T' for Edit Mode and 'S' to change the size of your brush and you can begin working on your Dynamesh (Sculptis in zBrush) to create something.  With all of the new options, like Micromesh, Fibermesh, Dynamesh, BPR Filters (and more - see the links), you could be moving stuff around in no time.   I believe this or I wouldn't spend time posting this to you.

Quote from: dandelO on February 17, 2012, 11:30:50 am
Had a demo a while ago. Jeez! That was some messed up, complicated UI! I never got the hang of it so, gave up. :D
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


I just did  a check on Bryce7 and see up to 96% cpu usage during high priority rendering, but my system has just a dual core processor.
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Hey guys,

Can anyone tell me what is the maximum level of reality one can get with the DAZ line? I am led to believe that with out z brush one can not get images like these: (warning nudity)!)

The last link looks like something a gifted artist could get from DAZ, but the first two, especially the 2nd link have a quality that I have not seen from the DAZ line.

Is it just a question of texture and render engine?

It seems to me that with GoZ that the benefit is in saving time using pre-made models from DAZ, and then importing them into another program to make them look real. Is that right?
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j meyer

jaf - thanks for the info!

The Badger - You are right about the 3rd one.As for the first you could maybe do
something like that if you find a way to make a displacement,normal or bump map
for the fine details,perhaps sculptris or blender.
The second one is something special,because it is on a level of it's own so to say.
That guy is pretty much an exception and you won't find many others that have
reached the same quality,if at all.
QuoteIs it just a question of texture and render engine?

How about some talent and skills?
Of course the above is just an opinion.


Tallent and skill go without saying, it is obvious in the work. The question is what program mix makes things simpler and faster? Mostly I'm just concerned about investing time in something that can't, in the end, give me what I want.
Perhaps a better way for me to of asked my question is... Do you guys think that the artist who made image #2 could have done so well with DAZ and z- brush, regardless of any complications? Would it even be possible to get that level of *detail* and *realism*?
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the DAZ line is limited when it comes to rendering, compared to renderers like mentalray, vray and the like. But you shouldn´t forget, that there are also many other tools being used in those examples, Bodypaint and Photoshop to name two.
A talented person might get similar results with DAZ, or Blender, or whatever. But there is a reason, why on a professional level other tools are used. And as you see, many tools where used, each for the task it is best for.

If someone wants to really get deep into 3D without spending a fortune, I always would recommend Blender, as it can do everything. DAZ tools are more "special" tools, similar like Vue and Terragen for landscapes.
Another option and worth a look - as hobby user you can get Houdini for almost nothing and it is for sure one of the most versatile tools out there. But it´s of course also very different.

So I am sure, the artist could have done similar with almost every 3D application out there - but it would have taken more time.