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Started by Sprony, May 22, 2012, 05:40:08 am

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I decided to register myself here because Google can't help me find the answer to the following question:

I want to make a skybox to be used in Quake 3. I don't need any terrain, I just want the sky. This is the image I want to use:


I don't need any fancy stuff, just that image, rendered in a 360 degree skybox. I've come across a lot of tutorials explaining all the advanced settings but nothing that simply explains what I want to do. Is Terragen not suited for what I want?

Thanks in advance.



In Terragen Classic, go to Render Settings, then to the Options tab.  Uncheck "Render Landscape".

- Oshyan


Thank you for your reply. However, that doesn't answer the question regarding the image I want to use.


I don't really understand the question about the image then. What is it you want to do with it?

- Oshyan


Use that image as a base for the skybox. I've been googling further and it doens't seem that Terragen supports that. The only way seems to be to cut that image up in photoshop and then render it in a 3d modelling program.


If you just want to make a skybox out of that image, you'd want to use a skybox mapping tool of some kind. Terragen focuses on creating procedurally generated artificial landscapes rather than photo manipulation.

- Oshyan



You can use TG to create 5 images as faces of a cube. You can then load those 5 images as sky box faces. You can combine them into a cross image or similar in an image editing program and load that. There are various skybox tools that take images like that and turn them into spherical images etc. etc.

There are a lot of tutorials about doing this with TG. It has been a common thing to use TG for. Here's some examples:


Try a Google search for "terragen skybox". There's 333,000 results and the first few pages are packed with relevant links. I searched for "terragen skybox quake 3" and found this:


which looks like it tells you everything you need to know. It looks very easy, there is no need to cut the image up and render it in again in some other app. You don't even need to combine the rendered images, Q3 appears to use the images of the individual box faces.