Clouds and grainy aspect in dark ears

Started by patrick, February 10, 2013, 10:51:33 am

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I would like to know the best way to reduce the grainy aspect of  on my clouds in the dark area




Hi Patrick,

This is due to lack of samples for rendering the cloud.
Increase the quality setting in your cloud with ~0.2 increments and perform crop renders on the problematic areas.
This is all heavily related to the cloud's setting for cloud depth, edge sharpness and density, so I can't tell how much you need to increase cloud quality.
For many situations cloud quality of 0.8 is really fine, but if you have thick and dense clouds then you might as well need cloud quality of 2. See?

A rule of thumb for many situations is:
1) Is grain in areas where no clouds are visible, like terrain shadow, then increase atmosphere samples.
2) Is grain in areas where clouds are visible, then increase cloud samples.

Be aware that clouds casts shadows into the atmosphere and thus the atmosphere can show the same issue.
So if you still see grain after increasing cloud quality a lot then it might also be a lack of atmosphere samples.
You'd need to increase atmosphere samples then (as well).