Coastal scene

Started by Dune, February 24, 2013, 03:27:11 am

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Irish perhaps. Made some simple auks to go along with it.

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C'est une texture pour les rochers ?

This is a texture for the rocks ?


What is? The auks? No, auks are birds (google 'auk'). And actually they're razorbills....

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Ce qui est rose au bord de l'eau. C'est une texture ?

What is pink at the edge of the water. This is a texture ?


Begorrah, I'm simply dazzled by the second one.  I think I'll take up golf.



There is some sparse pink color in the rocks indeed.


Instantly recognisable as Inishmore in the Aran Isles. (Or at least inspired by there) A very distinctive landscape. Looking  forward to where you go with this. Are the walls done with an image or procedurally?

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bla bla 2

C'est surement fait avec le warp shader.


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No, no warp this time  ;) It's an image map. I tried to make decent lines procedurally, but this was easier. I think with a stack of simple shapes and a proper (squarish) warper, I could do it procedurally, though.
I'm not sure whether I take this further, although I'm not happy with the photographic quality and the cliffs, a.o. Time to work on something else.

EDIT: possible


Beautiful colours, good depth, good foam on the water and very good scale.

I really like the colour on the cliffs, makes it look like granite.

Most of all I like the depth and how the light falls on the coloured cliffs in the background.

Good one Dune.



I thought of Ireland too when I looked at the image. Then I read your post. So I would say it works.
Never been to leprechaun land though, just liked the movie far and away a lot.
It has been eaten.


Quote from: Dune on February 24, 2013, 07:51:40 amThere is some sparse pink color in the rocks indeed.

I didn't realize that the Irish cliffs have so much feldspar.


I just used some nice colors, didn't dive into rock specialties. It's about the walls, actually. But you're right; I have to take care to strive for realism, also in that respect.