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Started by DannyG, April 17, 2013, 07:41:38 am

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Many comments in this thread kind of imply that America is some bubble of Love and peace and we are all together kissing and holding each other, make no mistake we have our fair share of violence and I admit our government like many others around the world are a bunch of corrupt bast___s. To boot we got a huge gang and organized crime problem that is spread throughout big cities and have been making its ways into small towns of America. Thousands of senseless murders are carried out annually. Many don't make the news. I'm not trying to play tit for tat, just saying, we as a world are all screwed up in different ways. I think that sums up this thread a bit IMHO, mankind is just self destructing themselves. Not giving up hope, its just a difficult situation everywhere.


The Boston police did a great job.
Hopefully, we'll know why they did that and who help them.


What gets me about this (apart from the senselessness of it all, the unimaginable terror and waste) is the INCREDIBLE cost of the operation. Boston has the 12th largest GDP of a city on the planet. In terms of lost revenue this has cost the city over a billion dollars due to being closed down. I've never heard of ANY city ANYWHERE at ANY TIME being closed down so completely for ANY reason. I suspect there is more to this than we're being told. Possibly NBC concerns, one of the suspects was at a hospital after all (easy access to radiological, biological material). Can't abide conspiracy theorists but something here don't make sense.
Glad it's over for now.

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I am glad its over with no more blood shed. I feel bad for this guy, the Uncle, heres an interview that sheds some light on this. He says some interesting things in this


Yes, I only shudder at what a more competent group of bombers could have accomplished in terms of terror. Hopefully this will not give anyone any ideas...


London Marathon tomorrow.


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QuoteIn terms of lost revenue this has cost the city over a billion dollars due to being closed down.

This is really scary when you think about it. Several attacks drawn out over a few months could bankrupt a major city. Look at Detroit to see what a bankrupt American city looks like... what a nightmare.
Though Detroit was destroyed by 50 Years of Democrat party rule and policies.

Now thats a political question! Which is worse for an economy, Terrorists or progressives?

QuoteCan't abide conspiracy theorists but something here don't make sense.

But there really is a lot here that does not make sense.
For example, why would Chechens want to attack the US, when the only thing keeping Putin from nuking them is Western diplomacy. Putin has been demanding and kinda begging the West to let Russia treat Chechnya like Bin Laden. He has even publicly asked why The US does not send troops and intelligence assets to aid Russia, although perhaps indirectly.

So now Chechnya feels like it does not have a big enough challenge fighting Russia, but it also wants to start a fight with the US?
Well Im not given to conspiracy either. So maybe all Muslim separatists are suicidal? BEcause you know Obama is going to be sending drones. He loves Drones. He thinks Drones are the answer to every problem.

Stupid Chechens, or smart Putin? Now thats how you create a conspiracy!
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and what about all those Blackwater's contractors ?


Was curious about them as well. From what I have read, it wasn't Blackwater. The emblem on their hats is associated with Craft International. One photo shows a man holding what appears to be a radiation detector.


Can I have a link to these photos you guys are talking about?
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Look at any of the photos that have been posted about the bombing. Look for men dressed in khaki pants, khaki boots, black jacket, baseball caps, and black backpacks. There are several at the site, both before and after the bombings. There are usually two men together, dressed alike. They are easy to spot, once you know what to look for.


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Ok, anyway, Blackwater was broken up a while ago. The company that emerged is called "Xe", or something like that.
ahh heres something

Not sure why privet security is making people paranoid though. I was an armed courier for a security company after school for a while. When I was in firearms training another company also rented the same training facility as the company I worked for. They contracted with "Homeland Security" and guarded buildings and property for the government. They were paid even less than I was.

Contracting out security is a viable option budget wise. And it would not surprise me if there were lots of non governmental agents at the run. Its quite normal from what I know. Having them there frees up the pros to concentrate on the more important security concerns. Though in this case, the "Pros" clearly failed.

I didn't see the kaki you mention, but Im sure it something like this:

Perfectly common security work wear.

EDIT* Also good for hiking

And no I don't think Im an expert or anything. Its Just what I have observed from being in that line of work for a time. Interesting work, but worst job I ever had.
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It's nice to read all the comments in this thread --- so touchy feely --- without addressing the root cause - the particular religion that has brought so much mayhem to the world for the past few decades

In Indonesia they kidnapped school girls and cut off their heads, and placed the severed head in front of a government office

In the Netherlands they murdered a movie producer

In Pakistan they kidnapped and murdered minority Christians

In the United States they brought down the world trade center and killed over 3,000 people

In Nigeria they killed Christians

In Spain they bombed a train station, killing many

In Thailand they cut off heads of toddlers

In UK they bombed subway stations in London

In Egypt they murdered the Coptic Christians

and now ... Boston

Sadly, Boston will not be the last city they attacked

The 200 people who were injured and the 3 people who were killed, won't be their last victims

More people will die in future violence brought on by that particular religion


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Yossam's comment inspired me to do a little google search:

Hugely interesting.

I don't necessarily believe this straight away, but nor do I believe the mainstream media straight away either.
Even if I pretend or imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle then what still remains is a smelly business of what was actually going on.

In this particular case I think the guys in the jackets are actual real hired guards who were doing their job.
They have been seen before in other events, so in that regard not unique this time.

What's intriguing nonetheless is that they were using radiation detectors. Were they instructed for an imminent risk for a dirty nuclear bomb?
Or were they just having it for normal precautions? If so, why holding it in your hand when there's no "situation"?
edit: wearing those detectors is useless anyway if the dirty bomb consists of nuclear material which irradiates beta particles. Their range in air is in metres and with any kind of shielding, like a bag, it's detectable range is in the centimeters. Such a dirty bomb in a pressure pan is undetectable.
The complete city closed down. Everybody had to sit inside their homes to shelter for a 'dirty' nuclear bomb?

I don't think there's a conspiracy in the sense that the bombing was a false flag thing to cause panic which ultimately could aid in creating a more solid foundation/basis for more privacy- and freedom-reducing security laws or to further polarize society against foreign influences?
Common sense is trying to tell me it seems there was a threat/suspicion and everything is kept silent to prevent panic.

These days you just don't know what to believe...