Boston .. WTF

Started by DannyG, April 17, 2013, 07:41:38 am

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Thanks T-U. That is the same article I read the other day. I tried to find it again for Badger and it had been removed from the site I found it on.


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^^This is fucking stupid. (not you Martin/yossam, but that idea in the link)

What are gun fighters supposed to do when they leave the service? Its not like they learned engineering in between classes on escape and resisting torture.
If former special forces were on the scene, then this may indicate there was some warning of the attack to come. But any suggestion that they participated in the attack is stupid. In fact the news has been reporting that there was some indication of an attack, but nothing specific.

When I was in security I was 1 of only 3 people at my company who was not former military or police.
And that was a mid level security company (high value, but no Security clearance). XI and Craft do high value work that requires a national security clearance. I know because my company did the same stuff, just not in the division I was working.

Also, I would point out, that events like the marathon are often used for live training events. Chemical, bio, and radiological detection is necessary, and live training is necessary. Many Office buildings in major cities have detection units in the air quality control systems. The point is that this is absolutely normal.

I dont understand why people cant just except the real horror of the situation. Why is it not enough as is, that this stupid bull shit has to be added to it?

If there was a treat of a dirty bomb, it appears to have not happened. And if it dose in the future, Im glad as heck they got this chance to practice dealing with it.

I just heard there was some kind of attack or attempted attack in Canada. Something about blowing up a train on its way to NYC today.
It has been eaten.


Quote from: TheBadger on April 22, 2013, 06:51:37 pmP.S.
I just heard there was some kind of attack or attempted attack in Canada. Something about blowing up a train on its way to NYC today.
Two men from that particular religion were arrested for planning to blow up the Amtrack Maple Leaf train service from Toronto to New York

If you do not know the extend of the infiltration of people of that particular religion in Canada and in the United States of America, and the level of support they have - all the way to the White House - read the following link


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The shootout pictures at Watertown, Boston


These photos are worthless.

Have you made a render yet?
It has been eaten.


Quote from: TheBadger on April 23, 2013, 03:49:25 amThese photos are worthless
All the photos, all the bombings, all these, will be forever worthless to you, until someone close to you got hurt, by people from that particular religion

By then, it will be too late, for you, and for your loved ones


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This thread went to s_it right quick, what's next Bush did it right? Black Water have had some issues because they hired a bunch of hot headed trigger happy X-Military guys that hate any Muslim, Ok we know this, that is a fact.. However I see no evidence that BW was involved in the bombing from that No-Name web based news link. I can look up on the web and find a post that freaking Bugs Bunny bombed Boston and masterminded 9/11, Truth is we have a security team in place at every major sporting or public event since 9/11 so yeah your going to see under covers react when something goes on, I'm glad they were there. Glad they killed the one guy and even more happy about capturing the other. 

There all actors ? My personal fav

Heres one with a disgruntled Sandy Hook Elementary school teacher did it??|+News+|+Hollywood+Rumors+|

Snopes growing list, Look at this you will see a completely different guy with a completely different style backpack and its being compared to the exploded back pack.

Take your pick gentlemen and run with it !!


Quote from: Seth on April 20, 2013, 09:59:56 am
The Boston police did a great job.
Hopefully, we'll know why they did that and who help them.

They did a great job in locking down a huge city into Marshall law with thousands of armed goons, armoured vehicles and even tanks for a 19 year old who they couldn't even find! Then American people applaud them. They should have been booed. It would have been easier to simply get members of the public to capture the suspect. I know there is a % of Americans who do understand the agenda but so many are clueless. This is a tiny trial run for what is coming to America.

John Kerry is doubling aid to Syrian Rebels.

By the way, the US has supported Chechen "rebels".

Look into how most prosecutions for terrorism in the US are in fact FBI created by setting people up and some of these set ups went all the way through to an actual attack like the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

On the day of the bombings, there was an indictment of Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney etc by a cross party group. There is a document which lays out how the US totally supported torture. The US government is now an illegitimate dictatorship.

There really isn't enough room to lay out all the criminality in a thread like this.

The US is not alone though. We know that. UK has a corrupt government as well and EU is corrupt. However, the US has giant impact on what happens everywhere else.

I said before that I used to live in Northern Ireland. If the security services had ever acted like these guys in Boston, they'd probably have had a civil war.

Only positive is that hopefully when America does go to a second revolution the governments goons will be easy to overcome.


There are also lies going on about what happened in that street shootout.

WHO is the naked guy that was apprehended?

And who shoots themselves in the throat to commit suicide?

Since it's obvious that the FBI had contact and was monitoring the bombers, how come they released those videos for the public to identify them? The FBI would obviously be the first to be able to do that.

It's all lies and coverup no matter exactly who was being led by who. The US government and security services and totally corrupt.


I heard he tried to kil himself by puting his gun in his mouth an pulling the triger....
and ended up shooting out the back of his neck (throat).

I believe the "naked guy" is the guy they carjacked.
Hmmm... wonder what this button does....


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QuoteI believe the "naked guy" is the guy they carjacked.

Did they rape him too? Why was someone naked? First I heard of it.
This stuff just gets stranger and stranger.

I have to say, even for someone who thinks the media is completely worthless and dirty, they really screwed this one up.
Before all this, I just thought they were all bought and payed for whores. But now I see they are completely retarded.
Everyday every news outlet is having to change something they previously reported, retracting everyday is a sight to see.

All the conspiracy stuff, corruption, incompetence of the US Gov aside for a moment, we will never fix anything until we get rid of the assholes in the media. ALL of them, not just the ones you happen to not like. I don't know what we can replace them with, the internet is clearly no better based on this thread. But something has to change.
Maybe we can just make them change ownership and leaders or something. Its just really ridiculous.

The papers, CNN, MSNBC all the rest. Just Stupid. Cant depend on anyone anymore.

MSNBC was even praying out loud that the killers would turn out to be white american republicans, so that they could say look how crazy white republicans are. What a bunch of shit.
It has been eaten.


It seems some chose to believe the Media when it fits their political or worldly views,  ...  This just in! The Media is just as corrupt if not more than all the governments mentioned in this thread. So my question is why are you believing what the media says?? Its all nonsense