Pastlives Revisited

Started by dandelO, October 22, 2013, 11:14:01 pm

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j meyer

Took a bit longer,sorry.
Here it comes, a little bit more elaborate,Reggae 2nd edition.

Bar 1 - count in,please leave that until the final edit,might be of use to sync single tracks
          added in a non midi way.
Bar 2 - anacrusis (do you know another word for that?)
Bar 3-6 - intro
Bar 7-14 - chorus pt A     -
Bar 15-22 - chorus pt B   -  These four  are meant to be the normal chorus
Bar 23-30 - chorus pt A   -
Bar 31-38 - chorus pt C   -
Bar 39-46 - chorus pt A   -
Bar 47-54 - chorus pt B   -  These four are meant to be the chorus with ending
Bar 55-62 - chorus pt A   -
Bar 63-71 - chorus pt D   -(coda)

Of course you can add more normal choruses by copying Bar 7-38 or for a solo part
maybe some choruses consisting of pt A and B only and just the last one with part
C again for example.

Add tracks to your liking,but please leave my tracks as they are,that way I can practise
some soloing and stuff.
Adding a rhythm guitar would be nice.
If you feel the urge to change something (structure or notes or so),please contact me.

One more thing: I noticed that you (Martin) used mathematical correct timing.
That is not the best way to simulate playing.If you look at my tracks you'll see
some aberrations and those are deliberate.Most of the time musicians tend to
play incorrect -mathematically- you can see that by looking at midi files that
were recorded and not programmed.Think of playing in a laid back way,which is
simply not possible with mathematically correct timing,for example.

Btw if you play the file with the mediaplayer you'll notice that the drums are
not right,this is because they are not on track 10 this time.
Should make no difference in FLS or another sequencer,though.

Some additional drum voices in use now:
E2 - chinese cymbal
A2 - crash cymbal 2
F1 - room tom 1
G1 - room tom 2
B1 - room tom 4
C2 - room tom 5
D2 - room tom 6

What about percussion?

Hope I haven't forgot something.Phew,such a long post. ;)

Have fun,J. :)


Well, you've added plenty, and have plenty of rules, Jochen! I was really just into messing around with some sounds, like a game of musical Chinese whispers, know? You're taking it very seriously, relax brother! :D I'm kind of scared to touch it now.

j meyer

I am relaxed.
If you want to make it freejazz,go ahead. ;)

j meyer

And of course I apologize that I didn't say that the above (the long post)
was meant to be suggestions rather than rules.Should have made that
clearer in the first place,sorry.


Quote from: dandelO on October 24, 2013, 06:29:25 pm
Cheers, Jason, Bill. :)
Jason, Ade said he'd sent you some tracks before but nothing really came of it, we've just been working remotely, maybe a pile of us musos could get together for some collab? I know we've got pretty different tastes and styles of music but I know I listen to, and like to make anything, that could make for some cool messed up tracks. The original 'Pastlives' was pretty different to what you hear there, after I got my hands on it. Imagine a gang of us throwing some tracks around, could be fun.
Anyone else, too. I know a few of you here are musicians, Efflux, Matt, Rids, Danny G(you do a bit of mixing, don't you?). Anyone up for some messing around, just for fun?

Well I'd be up for a project like this...didn't know of this thread till now but it could be fun. I've discovered after being given a pre intel imac that if you use melody or harmony assistant from that you can export as midi and import into GarageBand and add live instruments if you are writing using software only for original compositions. Working on one in my spare time now but am assembling tunes for my 2nd cd so haven't had non live playing time lately.
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Quote from: j meyer on December 01, 2013, 12:04:07 pm
I haven't recorded a real bass yet,just used it to practice basslines
some years ago.And to get it looped it seems more pratical if you could
record a real bass.Ain't there any cool sounding vsti basses?
There are ways to make it sound more natural by combining voices also.
And at a later stage adding some reverb and delay makes a difference,too.
I'll test some structural ideas on my end,maybe an intro part and some
rhythmic variation,a little melody perhaps,don't know,let's see. ;)
Whatsoever,I'll try to keep it simple and easy to integrate.

In HarmonyAssistant using the Gold sound base there are some awesome digi bass sounds, a lot sampled from actual basses....I have this if someone needs a bass sound converted...I think Ade has this as well.
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


Well, I'm up for anything really, think I'd rather do a live organic bass than use samples. The kit's all there, might as well put it to use.
I know about the quantized snap to grid that I used there, Jochen, and not to do that, indeed. I was just playing around trying to quickly work out the MIDI thing.
Think I'll open up FL tomorrow and play around, it's a bit late to start tonight.
Bobby, all fine by me, a big free for all might indeed result in the earlier predicted train wreck, I just thought it would be a laugh for anyone and everyone to join in and maybe we'd end up with something fun along the way.

"You never get anything done by planning." - Karl Pilkington.

j meyer

Do we still have that reggae project going?