Waterfall project

Started by choronr, December 14, 2013, 01:00:24 pm

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This is the beginnings of a project I've decided to take on; a waterfall. I'll be narrowing it via the Painted shader to hopefully make it look like as a ribbon waterfall. I've reduced the cloud layer glow power and strength as well as the edge sharpness significantly including adjusting the 'Y' noise stretch in the Density shader. I'm trying to make it appear as soft as I can; like one accomplishes with a camera where the shutter is left open a bit longer than normal - may try DOF to accomplish this.

Mist and water splashes will be added at the base of the waterfall once I'm able to get it to look reasonably good.
One of the projects I've noticed here that has invoked inspiration is the one created by Hannes: http://www.planetside.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic,15672.0.html .

And, thanks to Dune for helping get a start with this project. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


First of all, i wish you the best in this project. Idea is great and waterfall is a huge challenge.
I am sure i'll try one day.
Right now, if i would try, i would use more clouds layers. Why ? because water looks like clouds between the top and the bottom of a waterfall.


Water is white, has few reflectivity, sometimes thin enough to see the rocks.

So i would try several vertical cloud layers (nearly similar side by side) with a diffrence from top to bottom.
And a final horizontal cloud layer for the contact between waterfall and lake

that's the way i would try, not sure it would work that's why i'll be happy to see your project and any other ideas



Thanks David. I'm taking my time with this one trying different ideas ...it may take me awhile.


Good start.........................good luck.  ;)


Thanks Rich, have a long way to go.