Open Letter to all contributors to Planetside and File Sharing

Started by EdBardet, December 26, 2013, 01:45:42 pm

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First of all THANK YOU. The material contributed is excellent.

There are many of you who have taken Terragen to new and wondrous heights and have mastered the idiosyncrasies and nuances of the system. The results show it.

Speaking for myself, and others in the same boat, I use TG for a different purpose. I like to use it as a setting for models developed in a CAD package. It lends itself well to this purpose. I (we) are not necessarily planning on becoming masters of TG.

My request is that contributors of clip files please include a short statement as to where the clip file should be placed. What node should link to it and what node to link it to. I've done a lot of searching and the results were the clip files themselves. It was not until I found the "Creating the Tower' tutorial did I find a note that told me where, and between what nodes, to place the clip files referenced. Unfortunately it was not a clip file I needed.

Posting both the clip file and it's associated .tgd is a good solution, but I know some of you would like to protect the finished product, and I respect that.

In closing, I guess this is a newbee's plea for help! :D

Have a happy holiday season,