Clarifications and help needed with sea/water

Started by alessandro, January 02, 2014, 05:12:49 pm

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I'd like to ask some suggestions at creating a good looking water. I've been trying several solutions, combining multiple PFS and the water still looks very bad (see attached shader and related .tgc).

Besides the overall displacement which I couldn't achieve properly, I've issues figuring out how to actually give or add colors to the water. Connecting a Default Shader to the Water Shader doesn't work for me; the diffuse color set into the DS isn't extended to the WS. So the only way I found to change water color is using the Volume1 Colour on the WS.

Another issue, if you take a look at the image attached, are those white blooming reflected spots. I've noticed those also on other renders and I don't know if there is a way to lessen them or have those accounted properly on render.
Thanks for any help!


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The bloom is on by default in TG3 so go into the Renderers>Extra tab and deselect it there. Will look at your clip and see if I can offer any help/advice.
Also search the file sharing for Atlantic and look at that...amazing water...
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You can also make your own water (sounds a bit silly  :P) by using several water shaders on top of eachother, and playing with the sizes and patches (without using reflectivity or transparency, then using a last one for that (without any waves e.g.). You can feed them through transform shaders to stretch a certain direction, etc.
Also using normal PF's it's not impossible to make nice waves, especially if you want specific waves, like big undulating perlin, and tiny voronoi ridges on top(s)...