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Started by yesmine, February 16, 2014, 02:32:38 AM

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Perhaps I've missed something somewhere, but I've downloaded and installed the free Terragen version and when I click the "Library" button there is nothing in any of the folders. The feature comparison charts states that all versions have a "Library system" with presets, so I'm guessing there should be something in one or more of the folders under the "Library" button, but I have nothing at all.

I've been going through some basic tutorials, and one or more of them do show images of the Library containing icons or images of shaders for grass, etc., so I thought there would be something in there, but I see nothing. Does TG3 actually come with no content in the Library?

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Correct.  It comes with no content in the library.  It must be added first.


Thanks for clearing that up. I've been looking through the 'Files' section in the forum and have downloaded some of what I've found there, and I've also downloaded the Presets package from the download page. But I'm not clear on exactly where to install them. The Presets zip file comes with a variety of .tgd and .tgc files, so should they all be unzipped into a single empty directory, are there folders in the 'Library' where these should be placed, or does it not matter at all?



Use the cog icon (top-right corner of the library window) to add files to the library, either individually or an entire folder and it will remember where they are stored.


Thanks, got it. It's all so clear once you understand it  :-[



There's documentation for Library here:

There's quite a bit of info there, I should write more of a quick introduction, but hopefully that will make things a bit clearer for you.




TG4 info page says:

"All versions of Terragen 4 also include bundled preset content, including surface shaders, terrains, clouds, and more to help you get started on scene building quickly and easily. In addition more than 20 high quality plant models are included, courtesy of"

Where are the plant models accessed? My Library is empty as above and I don't see them in any of the Add... menus.
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They are a separate download. Licensed users have a download link in their online account. I believe we sent you a promotional copy so it does not have direct access to those models, but if you create an account in our online store I'll send you a link. You can do that here:
You can find the presets and other free content in the Free Downloads area, they are available for free users as well:

- Oshyan


Thanks Oshyan as always! I thought this might be the case. Checking out the links now.
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