Liquid and collision detection :) test in TG3 (updated with the scene file)

Started by Kadri, March 01, 2014, 09:37:45 am

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Thanks Ulco! Yes it is part of our life unfortunately.It is harder when you don't expect it at all.

This was kinda a side i did not think Terragen can do Ulco.
For some scenes that don't need more precise things it could be useful especially for "it must be full Terragen" kinda folks :)


I think there is a lot to be found out in TG, and you've done a great job here. I didn't get as far as you (but maybe spent too little time  ;) )


Hey Kadri, I just read your posting, and I'm sorry for your loss too. I wish you and your family a lot of strength.
I know, it's probably hard to focus on something like Terragen now, but I realised that especially TG has some strong calming effect when you're feeling bad.
So, maybe it helps?!

This is a great animation. First I thought, this is an imported obj sequence. But it's pure TG! Hats off!!!!


Thanks Hannes!
I think i wouldn't tried such a test at all before.
Terragen made me feel better. Times goes so much faster when i work with it.


I know that feeling. TG is like the dark African forests the early explorers explored. Pleasant surprises (and dangers) behind every tree.


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One sorta broader question about this that I have is, does planetside know about this? And what about the people who use TG to make movies like 'man of steel' and others? Do they all know how to do this, but we just stumbled on this? Or another way to ask is, did anyone know this could be done before Kadri?

Perhaps as Kadri says, this could be pushed much further. And perhaps someone already has but just does not tell us?

Some of us ( ;) ) nag planetside about increasing animation power on a regular basis. And then Kadri does this. So I don't know, just wondering what else can be done (or has been done) or what planetside may add that we don't know about.
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By the way. Some obvious uses of this are landslides and lava  ;)
It has been eaten.


March 04, 2014, 03:54:33 am #24 Last Edit: March 04, 2014, 03:56:37 am by Kadri

It is a question that guys who are in that kind of work should answer and Matt itself is in that circle too.
I just think that because Terragen is labeled(!) as a landscape centered program most of them will try to use software that is focused in dynamics,fluids etc. firstly.
And let's be realistic ; for or a 100% working scene i am not sure if Terragen would be enough.
But for certain things there are really some possibilities as it looks that i wasn't aware too before your thread Michael.

"By the way. Some obvious uses of this are landslides and lava"
Yeah for pure water not so much but for sticky fluid kinda things i would certainly use it :)


To be honest, and absolutely not meant to belittle Kadri's experiment, I don't believe it's real collision detection, but clever positioning of cube and vortices. Or are you really up to something extremely ingenious, Kadri?


I too would like to know if this is a real sim or just as you say Dune, a cleverly arranged tree of displacers that mimic the effect.  It's cool non the less, but real fluid sims seem to be something that's well beyond ability of Terragen.
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March 04, 2014, 10:37:52 am #27 Last Edit: March 04, 2014, 10:47:51 am by Kadri

Guys you haven't payed attention what i wrote in the first post:

"After some tests i wanted to try a collision detection (!) kinda scene in TG3. So i placed a cube in the scene."

And there is even a smile in the post description.
I did not even thought about that you would think that there is a real collision.
Because Terragen doesn't have that feature at all for now.

Still kinda fun you thought about that ;)


Yes, and I am not trying to pretend that I don't need other soft anymore. Just trying to find ways to make compositing blend better from the start.
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Still... I should be so 'clever' to do what Kadri and Dune have demonstrated, with as Greg queries, " a cleverly arranged tree of displacers that mimic the effect...?" For some limited purposes this could be very useful, as Dune used in a prior work with a cascading stream. 'Mimic' is an appropriate and honorable word IMO given that all we're doing is digital anyway. Now if I can just get that 'clever' upgrade to my personal wetware... ;)