Liquid and collision detection :) test in TG3 (updated with the scene file)

Started by Kadri, March 01, 2014, 09:37:45 am

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Well it's certainly beyond my creative use of Terragen, that's for sure.

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Thanks guys but it isn't really so hard.
After a little trial and error everybody can do it.
It is more Teragen itself that's surprises me after so much years.


Stop teasing them and show them how you did it ;)

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Quote from: TheBadger on March 04, 2014, 03:36:55 am
Some of us ( ;) ) nag planetside about increasing animation power on a regular basis. And then Kadri does this. So I don't know, just wondering what else can be done (or has been done) or what planetside may add that we don't know about.

There are a near-infinite number of things that can be done with TG that we don't know about. When someone designs a programming language, they do so knowing (and wanting) that the users of the language will create programs that are unimaginable to the language designer. It's the same with Terragen. The art in the design of something like Terragen is choosing which tools and building blocks to implement so that we balance ease of use for common tasks in the core domain (landscape and environment rendering) with enough open-endedness and flexibility to make it "not too difficult" to solve near-domain problems that might arise on a project, and along the way we hope that the open-endedness makes it "possible" to do practically unlimited things if the user is creative enough or perseveres enough.

So many things are technically possible in TG with function nodes or careful combination of the built-in shaders that we've provided. Kadri's solution is a clever one, but the complexity of what you can do is still limited by how much work you put into placing the shaders and tweaking everything until it looks how you want.

You can use a pencil to draw a photorealistic image of a person's face if you're skilled enough and you spend enough time on it, but most people will prefer to use a camera. Kadri used the pencils that Terragen provided him, because it didn't give him the camera. :)

Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Not to stray too far from Kadri's 'liquid and collision detection test", but the ability to do so in TG (even on a limited basis) is worthy of more inquiry. However, since TG exists in a world of mature software(s) that already perform those functions at a robust level, it would be my wish that TG continues a  development path to fully interact with those apps. In the meantime any insight into the mechanics of this demo would be highly appreciated.


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 ;D well, regardless of if I am better with a pencil or a camera, or which I would prefer to be better with, this is a heck of a lot of fun for me. I guess really whatever way I do it, I just wish *I* was faster.   But at least I'm stubborn, and that has helped  ;)

And yes, Kadri should stop teasing! Lest s see how far this can be pushed! Remember Hannes' avalanche? lets see him use this to do a land slide  :o
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I agree with Matt that unforeseen things can be done in TG, it just needs a good brain to get the links between nodes right. Even real collision detection might be possible (carefully said). Warping for instance is done by the gray gradient, so you can bend a line around a soft simple shape. A personal salute to the one who finds out a (real) workable method  :D


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Thanks Matt and all of you!
And i will share it in a short time . Just having fun for a while ;)

Seriously there is another just a little harder scene i will try to make and see if this is only by luck getting the right numbers or not .

Yesterday i tried a basic thing and could not get it right(but it is different then this).
And that was to be an easy thing actually.
That is the different side for me in Terragen.
As we spoke with Ulco, sometimes hard things come out very easy and easy ones can get very frustrating :)
But it is fun so or so!


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Kadri, on your first post for this thread, how did you get the video to be in there, rather than a link? Thanks.

---never mind, I think I figured it out---


^^ It was just a clip file. You can load that just as a jpg or anything else. But you can't load a video. However you can direct link to one you posted on youtube or vimeo or wherever, by clicking the "youtube" icon under "change color" ^^ in the control pallet of the reply section of a post.
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lat 64

I worked on this last year. You inspired me to revive it.
As you can see, it's a work in progress.

The goal here was to make the water billow up when the ball surfaced. Lots of work to do yet.

This is TG-2 (saving my pennies ;))[attach=1]
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lat 64

March 10, 2014, 01:27:21 am #41 Last Edit: March 10, 2014, 01:52:57 am by lat 64
Well I figured some stuff out. Like how to make a smaller video ::)

Got a ripple out of  it this time.


I was re-reading the thread when I began to consider Ulco's challenge. I need to figure out how to use a render node to scan the terrain and objects to make a mask to for limiting a simple shape shader and "turn" it back on itself with a high reflective  surface.
There, how's that that for fantastical thinking?

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!


That's a very clever thought, Russ  ;) But it will take a good deal of thinking to make that work. Especially the combination of objects and procedural is very hard, if not impossible, unless you use procedural masks to place the objects, like if you could take the seed from a populator and use that as some sort of mask..... but you can't.
Well, Planetside is not finished yet  ::)


March 10, 2014, 08:07:55 am #43 Last Edit: March 10, 2014, 10:05:06 am by TheBadger
Hi Russ,

I edited this post. I looked again and saw you did just what I was thinking. I think you got pretty darn close too! Looks like timing needs a little work. And then the rest could be done in post.

Does the object have to be a TG internal object?

Anyway, the point I wanted to make again about all this is, that we don't really need to do this physics stuff perfectly real. Just get a good representation. Then compositing would look absolutely real!
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Russ that looks nice :)

I tried to make a new scene last week but could only work two days.
And half of that was working for an usable transparency setting with only limited success.
I made another thread about that.

I am still working on an better liquid scene .
I wanted to share that new scene when i finished it.
But i suppose there isn't any reason to wait.
This is the scene file.
As you see it is only animation based .
Feel free to use it as you wish guys.