Render Crash

Started by jbashyam, March 28, 2014, 07:04:58 PM

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Okay, I've emailed over the project file. Thanks for your help.


I should also mention that when the system blue screens, the ram is only at 18% usage, CPU is at 60 degrees Celsius average, GPU is a stable temp too.


Hi John,

On these types of problems, a signature with your computer specs helps.  One bad feature of forum signatures with computer specs though, is the graphics driver.  If you update the driver reference on your signature, it updates on all your posts, even the old one's, so a 2012 post could have a 2014 driver, which wouldn't make sense.  So date the driver and it will contrast the post date for all to see.

[edit] Not sure which video card you're using, but Nvidia can do a clean install using the custom install option.
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Working on this through the support email now. But the scene does render on my machine here, so it does appear to be a system-specific problem.

- Oshyan