Anyone for a little Max?

Started by yossam, July 27, 2014, 04:51:39 pm

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Actually doesn't look too bad.


Same director which gives me hope. The first and second films were good, third one was so-so.


What's interesting is he's also the director of Happy Feet 1 and 2! Haha.

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The actor for Max is a good choice. I take it that this is a complete reboot of the franchise? I hope so, I'm sure with all these years to think about it, the creator probably has developed his ideas immensely.

I expect that this new rendition will be much more violent and realistic in a number of ways. From the trailer I have to say it looks a little disturbing. I guess that the film will take the track that the only people fit to survive the end of the world are psychopaths and other lunatics... Yeah, I will be seeing this one on the big screen  ;D
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Looks video game influenced to me . Can't say that about the first Max. Galaxian was the state of the art in 1979.
Suspect when directors repeat themselves it's not about new ideas as much as new money.


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I like how "OK" in "piss OK", is circled. LOL let there be no doubt then, the "donor" is ready for sale.  :o. Well, I guess after the end of the world there is no more political correctness... So not all bad.
I think its sad people think that slavery is over. Heck, I never saw even one politician that was not bought and sold in the open.  :-[
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After he stomped on the lizard I wanted to see him die.


If you look close, I think he misses by a mile.
It has been eaten.