Want to "VR" your TG worlds? Here you go

Started by TheBadger, August 14, 2014, 05:40:40 am

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Its not free, but its affordable (including Oculus rift), and its the future.
Don't think sony will let you get one of their sets so easily, though if you know how to get one please post about it.
It has been eaten.


I'm a little surprised it took them so long ;)  but stereo... where's the stereo video.. ;)  (mind you I only skimmed it, probably can)
http://www.360heros.com/2014/01/worlds-first-fully-spherical-3d-360-video-and-photo-gear/ (not so sure about their claim about the first though, there's been a lot of work on this over many years)


Yep, but us work at home nerds only got access recently  ;) I remember DandelO posted some really nice 360° renders. Cant remember the links. I thought of it when I first saw the is product from Kolor....Hmmm, let me see if I can find it...

Here from DandelO https://sites.google.com/site/d4nd310/rocky_panorama_test1

Looks like you need a few hundred bucks to get going on this though. Still, for less then what a copy of MUdbox, or Z brush costs, you can get a Oculus rift development kit, plus some soft like in my link. I really want to get in on this before it gets to far along in terms of desktop development!

I dont know how to make games. But If I can make environments that could be used by game makers, then that may be a way into the game market for me? There are a number of high profile game makers in my city. Raven/activision for one. And I hear they take pretty could care of their employees too.

It has been eaten.